TripAdvisor announces the cheapest time to book hotels when travelling abroad

TripAdvisor announces the cheapest time to book hotels when travelling abroad

Report reveals travellers can find significant value in destinations worldwide when booking their hotels at optimal times

  • After September is the best time to book a hotel in Asia, travellers can save 16% or more vs. peak pricing
  • Travellers can save 17% or more on hotel bookings made in Mumbai starting late August

TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced its “Best Time to Book” Holiday report, revealing the least expensive times to book hotels in popular global destinations for the December and New Year’s Eve holidays, based on TripAdvisor hotel booking and meta click data 1.

“Year-end holidays are keenly planned in India not only because it is the festive time but also because of the winter break in schools. The Best Times to Book report comes just in time to help the price conscious Indian traveller to maximize his/her savings for the year-end holiday season. And I believe it’s the well informed traveller who will make the most of the savings since our booking data shows there is significant variation in hotel prices from one week to the next depending on the destination” said Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.

TripAdvisor analyzed historical hotel booking and interest in nine popular regions around the world for the last two weeks of December. The best time to book was defined as periods when hotel prices were less than the average for the destination. The research showed that the best time periods to book vary depending on the region or city where the traveller is looking to visit. While most destinations see a gradual change in prices over time, some destinations see dramatic changes from week to week for holiday hotel rates. Below is the breakdown of potential savings for world regions and popular world cities when comparing the least expensive to most expensive times to book hotels for the end-of-year holidays.

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