High Class Meets High Altitudes: Meet Seema Jindal Jajodia, the businesswoman scaling new heights

High Class Meets High Altitudes: Meet Seema Jindal Jajodia, the businesswoman scaling new heights

With a mission to make healthy snacking options available and accessible to all Indian households, Seema Jindal Jajodia founded Nourish Organics in 2009. Her brand is committed to keeping good health at the centre of everything they do. As a result, they end up crafting products that are just as wholesome and nutritious as they are appetizing and delicious. A true brand ambassador, Seema is personally a health & fitness fanatic and unsurprisingly lists an invigorating trekking holiday as her ultimate escape.

Here, she shares her favourite trekking and climbing experiences and also tells us how to plan the perfect trekking trip.

Q1. I want to go for a trek. Where should I even start?

It is important to understand that trekking is an adventure and adventure means having fun in discomforting situations. Keeping this in mind, if trekking is something that is still on your radar then start reading about it or follow some bloggers and Instagram accounts for inspiration. Today, there is a wealth of information available online. For me personally, when I began trekking, I started hanging out with friends who were frequent trekkers. This was really helpful to get first-hand information. So if you can, find and join trekking groups around you. Also, if you get a chance, check out the interesting and informative talks about the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) holds regularly. As for trekking sites, the Himalayas are a great option and offer many different levels of treks.

Q2. Tell me about your trip planning philosophy?

I am in touch with two of the premier trekking groups in the country. They keep members posted about upcoming treks and climbs. According to my time availability and interests, I sign up well in advance for the ones I want to.

Q3. How do you decide where to climb?

When I get the upcoming trek information, I study it properly. I see if it is something I would like to do and can do. Initially, I only signed up for easy treks to get a sense of the experience. With each trekking expedition, my confidence increased and so did my strength and skills for climbing and trekking.

Q4. What does a good climb or trek experience feel like?

A good climb or trek experience depends completely on your own mindset. Any adventure will have a fair amount of challenges. If challenges excite you and seeing stunning views, breathing pure air, and feeling fit are on your to-do-list, then you will really enjoy the experience.

Q5. Who should I travel with?

My advice to you would be that you should always travel with a recommended group. Your life depends on the people who accompany you. There are many amateur agencies that offer these experiences, but we should be wary of them. Again, the IMF is a great body to recommend seasoned and safe companies. If you can, try and get to know all the people who are going on the trek with you beforehand. After all, you will be spending all your time with them during the trek.

Q6. Let’s get down to specifics. What are your top five trekking or climbing destinations?

I really enjoy talking about my favourite treks. I can go on about the incredible experiences I have had and there have been many but I will share my top five:

1.      Kilimanjaro, Africa in 2018 with Aquaterra Adventures

2.      Everest Base Camp, Nepal in 2019 with Juniper Travels

3.      Patagonia, South America with Pygmy Elephants

4.      Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal with Juniper in 2014

5.      Buran Ghati Trek, Uttarakhand with my family organized by Juniper in 2018

I must warn you, if you are a beginner, the above treks will be a little tough. However, do keep them on your to-do list.

Q7. Okay, now that I am sold. What should I pack for my trekking trip?

Packing is one of the keys to a successful trip. It is important to plan and pack all your essentials including suitable clothes, a sleeping bag, rain gear etc. In the wilderness and the mountains, your own gear is what protects you from the harsh unpredictable climate. Your shoes are the most important investment. It’s not comfortable or safe to walk on rocks and slopes in your usual running shoes. Many first-timers make this mistake. You must research and buy the strongest and most comfortable shoes and do break them in well before you are set to leave. Different treks will require different gears. The company that plans your trip will hand out a complete packing list, which must be adhered to. It’s not feasible to share things with others on the trek.

As preparation for your trek, go on regular walks in your new shoes. Build up good strength and stamina so you can enjoy the scenery rather than complain of having aches and pains because of an unfit body.


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