Jordan is an Arab nation situated on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. This beautiful nation is a kaleidoscope of nature reserves, ancient monuments, sand dunes and seaside resorts. This nation also offers health tourism (mainly focused in the Dead Sea area), education tourism, mountaineering, scuba diving in Aqaba’s coral reefs, shopping in different colorful cities and exclusive pop-culture tourism. The most interesting thing while vacationing in Jordan is to experience new atmosphere with the Arab culture during the vacation to Jordan. In this article, TnH would like to suggest some of the must visit attractions in Jordan when you come here…

The most important thing of Jordan is the warm hospitality which compiles friendly locals welcoming you in a traditional greeting and handshaking in order to inform their cultural traditions.



Petra is a famed archaeological site, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C.E. This fabled “rose red city, half as old as time” and is undeniably the most precious treasure and greatest tourist attraction of Jordan. Set in a thin valley with tombs, monuments and temples carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the “Rose City.” It is a huge, unique city, carved into the side of the Wadi Musa Canyon centuries ago by the Nabataeans, who turned it into a significant junction for the spice and silk routes that linked China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt, Greece and Rome. The most intricate building in Petra is Al Khazneh (“The Treasury”), carved out of a sandstone rock face, along with its massive façade dwarfing everything around it.

Wadi Rum


Next attraction is the Wadi Rum valley which features incredible wildlife and noteworthy rock formations. Situated in the country of Jordan, this valley is an impressive tourist destination. Here, you can take a ride on camel or horse across the wonderful desert. Also, enjoy camp out under the clear and star-filled sky. Moreover, the adventure-seekers can enjoy their rock-climbing skills on the majestic rock formations including the Jabal Rum, the second-highest peak in Jordan.

Red Sea Diving / Snorkeling & Dead Sea


Red Sea Dive Center here offers extremely professional diving services with traditional Jordanian hospitality. This center caters for divers who want personalized attention with a professional approach. However, you don’t have to be a professional diver to come nose-to-nose with a turtle: colorful coral reefs, multi-coloured and tropical fishes swimming just underneath the surface of this warmest and clearest of seas. Without any doubt, the Dead Sea is the most incredible place in the world. Also, the Jordan Rift Valley, which at the Dead Sea is over 400 m below sea level, is a vivid, striking landscape.

Mada’in Saleh


Mada’in Saleh composes the Nabatean kingdom’s southernmost as well as the largest settlement after Petra, its capital. The setting, called as Hegra among the ‘Nabateans’ is notable for its scenic desert landscape, which is marked by sandstone projections of many sizes and heights in Saudi Arabia. Hegra was constructed around a residential zone and its oasis during the 1st century AD. The beautiful sandstone outcrops were carved out to build the necropolis at that time. There is a total of four necropolis regions have survived, featuring 131 monumental rock-cut tombs spanning over 8.3 miles.

Roman Theatre of Amman


A major piece of ancient architecture in Jordan, “the Roman Theatre of Amman” was constructed during the control of Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century AD. It is a large and sharply raked theatre that could seat about 6,000 people. The theatre is cut into the hillside and oriented north to keep the sun off the audience. It was constructed on three tiers: ‘the rulers, used to sit closest to the action’, ‘the military used to sit in the middle section’, and ‘the general public used to sit on the highest section’. However, being far from the stage, the actors could be clearly heard, to the sheerness of the theatre.

Qasr Kharana


Qasr Kharana is amongst the best-known desert castles situated in present- day eastern Jordan. This was constructed sometime before during early 8th century. It is one of the earliest examples of Islamic architecture in the region. It is estimated may be due to limited supply of water Qasr Kharana sustained only temporary usage, otherwise there are different theories concerning the function of this castle, it could have been a meeting place for Bedouins or a fortress. Besides, Petra, Wadi Rum, Red Sea Diving / Snorkeling & Dead Sea, Mada’in Saleh, Roman Theatre of Amman and Qasr Kharana, explorers can also visit Jerash Theatres and Siq Canyon.

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