Romania: a land of stunning natural landscapes

A country endowed with amazing nature and rich heritage, Romania is a destination of myriad attractions. Romania’s natural landscapes are quite diverse and fascinating. In an interview to TnH, H.E. Mr. Radu Octavian Dobre, Romania’s Ambassador to India, spoke about the various facets of his country as a tourist destination.

With its natural diversity and rich history, Romania is a complete world. The country’s stunning natural landscapes and historical grandeur will leave you mesmerized forever. “Our country is full of diversity. We have beautiful nature, sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, forest, wildlife, stunning countryside and monuments. Besides, we have good infrastructure, airports all over the country, good highways, wayside amenities, 4 and 5-star accommodations and all the modern amenities that a discerning tourist needs,” says Mr. Dobre. He added that the country has made huge investment in its tourism sector. A member of the European Union, Romania shares many similarities with its neighbors, but its wealthy Latin heritage gives it a unique identity. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is one of the most happening capitals in the Eastern Europe. The animated city, known to never sleep, is open 24×7 for eating, nightlife and shopping. There are many beautiful monuments and sites to visit in the capital.


Located on the western shores of the Black Sea, Romania is an ideal destination for ecotourism because of its natural diversity. The country is home to the largest part of the Carpathian Mountains that are located across the Central and Eastern Europe. It is the second-longest mountain range in Europe, which forms a semi-circle around Romanian region Transylvania and comprises 40.1% of the country’s total area.

The Carpathians have one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe, and natural attractions like hills, lakes, valleys, wildlife and birds. The Mountains are home to 400 unique species of mammals including the largest number of European brown bears, lynxes and wolves. “The Carpathian Mountains offer vast opportunities for ecotourism. It is one of the preferred places for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers. These mountains are ideal for tourism activities in summer,” said Mr. Dobre. The Carpathians offer opportunities for tourist activities such as hiking, trekking, fishing, boating etc.

Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism thrives in the Romanian Carpathians and other parts of the country. According to Mr. Dobre, Romania has over 20 minority communities, and most of them live in the countryside. Each minority community has its own unique way of life. Some of amazing attractions in the countryside of Romania include picturesque traditional villages located in valleys and on hillsides, pastel houses, vegetable gardens, ancestral castles, ancient Saxon citadels, old fortresses, monasteries, ancient churches and rural handicrafts. Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures are some of the important places to explore rural tourism in Romania. Maramures is known for its traditional villages and timeless tranquility, where you can see many women in colorful traditional attires and many more unique enduring traditions. Accommodations such as private homes, monasteries and guesthouses offer more authentic experience of rural tourism.

Danube River & its Delta

Flowing across the Central and Eastern Europe, the Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe after the Volga River. Starting from its source in Germany, the Danube passes through many countries including Romania before entering the Black Sea.”The mighty Danube River offers great opportunity for cruise tourism. You can enjoy cruise ship starting from Romania and going to countries such as Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Germany.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Danube Delta, Europe’s second largest and best preserved Delta, is home to incredible flora and fauna. With its bigger part located in Romania, the Danube Delta is a fascinating natural gem. “The Danube Delta is a fascinating place to visit. It is sanctuary for many wildlife animals and birds. You can spend days and weeks here exploring and enjoying the delta’s natural diversity. All tourist facilities are there to make your stay hassle-free and fulfilling,” stated Mr. Dobre.

Mamaia Resort

Nestled between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, near Constanta city and the Danube Delta, Mamaia resort is Romania’s most beautiful seaside resort. What makes this resort so popular is its lush green vegetation and serene beaches. “The resort area is one of the most happening places for tourists in Romania during the summer from June to September. Many clubs and restaurants of Bucharest open their branches here during the summer. You can enjoy here many activities such water sports, nightlife etc.”

Wellness Tourism

Romania and its Carpathians abound with many therapeutic natural resources such as thermal and mineral waters, salt water etc. These natural resources are used to cure many diseases and make Romania a popular wellness destination, helped by its rejuvenating atmosphere in its mountainous terrain.

Talking about wellness tourism in his country, the ambassador said that Romania is an ideal destination for this kind of tourism because of its therapeutic natural resources. “Many diseases are cured with our mineral water, salts, mud etc. These treatments are offered at various spa resorts across the country. There are four-five places in Romania ideal for wellness tourism. I think nowhere will you find this kind of facilities other than Romania.” Many resorts and spas in the mountains, offering such therapies, remain open throughout the year. Romanian seaside is also known for its mineral springs, spas and wellness tourism. A country with rich history and 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Romania’s landscapes are dotted with spectacular historical sites, all beautifully preserved. As many parts of the modern Romania were previously under the Roman occupation, well-preserved and intriguing remains of the ancient Roman cities are found in Romania. There are plenty of castles in Romania that will take you back in time. Some of these castles are also used for wedding and conferences. Peles Castle was the former summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, Bran Castle is famous for its resemblance with the Dracula’s Castle from the Bram Stocker movies and Hunedoara Castle is so spectacular that appeared in many movies including the Indian one named Sing is Bling. There are many medieval monuments, churches and monasteries in Romania.

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