‘Romania ranked as a new up-coming excellent tourist destination’

Romania has been ranked as a new up-coming excellent  tourist destination that is ready to be revealed, says Romania’s  Secretary of State for Tourism, Ms. Cristina  lonela Tarteata. In an exclusive interview to TnH, she  says that Romania is a unique destination that offers almost  all forms of tourism and that is the main stunning  reason for tourists to come and discover her country. 

Q. How is Romania ranked as an international tourist  destination? 

Romania is ranked as a new up-coming excellent tourist destination,  ready to be revealed. More and more foreigners are  coming to Bucharest for a city break, to Transylvania area,  which is best known as the mysterious land of vampires and  to Maramures for a real authentic experience of stepping back  in time. Romania’s competitiveness as a tourist destination is  on an ascending trend.

Q. How important is tourism sector  in the Romanian Economy?  What’s the contribution to the country’s  GDP? 

The tourism sector is very important for  the Romanian economy and also a priority  for the actual government. In order  to boost investments in tourism area, the  Ministry that I proudly represent has initiated  specialised programs for developing  the infrastructure, as it is a determinant factor in this field.  We are aware of the potential of tourism sector for the economic  growth but for the moment, we do not have the official  statistics for this year that establish the contribution to the  country’s GDP.

Q. What are the popular attractions to visit in your  country? 

On a list with the most popular attractions in Romania I would  definitely include Dracula’s Bran Castle, located in Transylvania,  a historical region that is involved with mistery, where  beautiful landscapes and wild animals will appear with every  step that you take. Another popular attraction is capital  Bucharest and its unique historical buildings, starting with the  world’s second biggest building in the world after Pentagon,  the People’s House. Romania is also the country with the best  preserved Delta in Europe, the Danube Delta, included on UNESCO’s  World Heritage list.

Q. What are the stunning reasons for tourists to visit  Romania? 

Romania is a unique destination that offers almost all forms  of tourism and that is the main stunning reason for tourists  to come and discover our country. All a tourist would want  is here: nature, culture, history, adventure, excellent authentic  food. We have fabulous mountain areas, the  Carpathian mountains stretch for more that 900 km inside  Romania and are home to the largests brown bear population  in Europe. Romania’s Black Sea coastline is remarkably  diverse, both from an environmental and a cultural point of  view.

Q. What are your key tourist markets? 

Our main goal is to reposition Romania as a tourism  destination for the European and Nordic countries. As for  new markets, we target countries with huge potential of  providing tourist like India and China.

Q. How do you look at the tourism exchange between  India and Romania? 

India is well known in our country, Romanian tourists are  mostly attracted by the temples and the religious places,  the wildlife sanctuaries and also the movie industry. The  tourism exchange between India and Romania can be improved  by establishing business to business meetings between  all parts involved in this sector, by organizing  info-trips and also using online and offline powerful marketing  tools.

Q. How many Indian tourists visited Romania last  year? How is this number growing annually? 

In 2016, the National Institute of Statistics has reported a  growth over 2015, 13,866 Indian tourists had visited our  country. We hope we will have a significant increase for the  current year, as a result of our efforts to promote our country  worldwide.

Q. Why should Indian tourists opt for Romania out of  many attractive choices? 

Indian tourists should opt for Romania because it is one of  the most authentic countries in Europe. We have all forms  of tourism, we can ensure tourism experiences 365 days a  year. During my visit in New Delhi, Indians have shown interest  in business tourism, wellness and spa segment, entertainment  and movie industry.

Q. Tell us about your strategy and efforts to promote  Romania in India. 

As a Secretary of State at the Ministry of Tourism in Romania,  I have visited India recently. The purpose of my visit  was to promote my country as a tourist destination in this  market and to identify new opportunities for institutional  cooperation between the two countries in the field of  tourism. I had a series of meetings with leaders of India’s  largest tour operators and associations of tourism. It was my  pleasure to participate at the event hosted by Aska Tourism  and Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. and we appreciate the  interest shown in discovering Romania. The discussions  with the tour operators and with the officials were also focused  on the possibility of organizing adventure tourism  info-trips and the possibility of providing an aerial connectivity  between Romania and India meant to contribute to  the significant increase of the tourist flow. In order to increase  the number of Indian tourists, our country was also  present at the tourism fair in Mumbai, in February.

Q. What are some of less-known facts about Romania  that the outside world is not aware of? 

Romania is one of the European countries with remarkable  Balneo-Climaterical resources. A third of all mineral and  thermal waters with curative proprieties of Europe is in Romania.  Also, we have a rich network of balneo resorts,  spread all over the country, in different climatic areas, endowed  with natural curative factors of exceptional value:  the lakes with therapeutic waters and the mud are among  the best known and most appreciated.

I am sure not many people know that my country has one  of the happiest and unusual cemeteries in the world. The  Merry Cemetery, located in the village of Sapanta, in Maramures  County, became famous due to its colorful crosses  and the satirical poetry written on them. The northwestern  Romanian region of Maramures is home to many villages  where century-old traditions are still part of daily life. The  inhabitants of this area have preserved, to an amazing extent,  the rural culture and crafts of their Dacian ancestors.  Maramures villages are distinguished by their unique  wooden churches with tall spires and shingled roofs.

Last, but not the least, when it comes to music festivals  and high life parties, I can assure you, Romania is a top destination  in Europe!

“Indian tourists should opt for Romania because it is one of the most authentic countries in Europe. We have all forms of tourism, we can ensure tourism experiences 365 days a year.”

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