Smart Tips For Your Monsoon Travel Plans

Monsoon is one of the best seasons to travel in various parts of  India. Typically, in India, monsoons last from June to September  in most parts of the country. It is the time when landscapes are at  their greenest and freshest beauty. The best thing about this season  is that it is when weather is at its most pleasant temperature.  Also, with the end of summer vacations, tourist attractions are less  crowded and good bargains can be found when travelling. In short,  travelling and vacationing during monsoons is a fun idea. But it  can also be tiresome, due to inconvenience caused by constant  breakdown in public transport and bad roads or many other issues.  Keeping all in mind, TnH has listed some smart tips to make your  monsoon travel plans more fruitful… 

Clothes and other essentials 

Pack all your clothes and other essentials  in a light and water-proof bag. Wear  light cotton clothes or comfortable partially  synthetic clothes that can dry off  quickly if you happen to get wet. Shorts  or three-quarter pants are always better  than full length clothes. A jacket is a must  have item particularly if you plan to walk  a lot outside or trek. A windcheater is  useful to keep you warm during the rains.  It is also a good idea to purchase a plastic  case for your phone, wallet and other important  documents. Also, don’t forget to  pack dry towels and carry the umbrella  or a raincoat. If you are planning to have  picnics whilst on the road, it is useful to  pack dry mats / plastic sheets to spread  out on wet surfaces.

Keep first aid kit and repellents 

Keeping first aid kit is very important  because this season become breeding  grounds for infections, mosquitoes and  other insects. With insects and mosquitoes  rampant, diseases are too widespread  and travel through the air and  water. So, it’s best to carry your own first  aid kit, which must be stocked with basic  medicines like cough syrup or tablets,  paracetamol, tablets for indigestion, disinfectant  scrubs, antiseptic cream, and  bandages along with a bottle of Dettol.  Also, carry repellents for mosquitoes so  that you will be free from any worry of  mosquitoes or any other insect bite.

Avoid outside food and water 

As mentioned before, diseases and insects  tend to be widespread during the  monsoon season thus, it’s advised to  avoid outside food and water. Just beware  about the contaminated food and  water. It could be a monsoon hazard.  Water can be easily contaminated during  this season, so always stick to the bottle  of boiled or mineral water. The same criteria  go with the food, eat properly  cooked food and wash fruits carefully.  Avoid street food during rainy season because  it is often put out in the open and  exposed to a lot of germs and diseases.  Also, it’s better to stick to hot beverages  such as tea and coffee which are rather  safer than cold drinks and juices.


After heavy rainfall, the roads tend to  get slippery. So, make sure you wear  weather suitable shoes. Closed waterproof  shoes are essential to keep your  feet clean. Floaters and sandals are the  best options for footwear during monsoon  season. Otherwise, proper rain-proof  shoes like flip-flops and gumboots will be  of great help in travelling.

Maximum value for money 

Usually, monsoon is a lean season for  hospitality industry. Therefore, you can  get some excellent bargains and deals to  make the maximum value for money benefits  while planning your holiday during  monsoon season. You can get good deals  on air tickets as well as upgrades for  hotel rooms. However, it all depends on  your smartness and planning of the holiday  well in advance.

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