Tips for Solo Women Travellers

Solo woman travel is on the rise nowadays and faces both obstacles as well as different experiences while on the journey. Travel experiences are cherishing memories for a lifetime. Although there are no fixed rules of a trip for single woman, but to enjoy your trip in all aspects you must keep some tips in mind. Read on to get some smart travel tips for the single women travellers…

Be confident

The worst thing you can do for yourself both internally and externally as a solo female traveller is look fearful. In conditions like when you’re lost or in trouble, stay assertive and confident, no matter how tough or the challenging time it may be. Just remember, in the end it will all be okay. This is a major part of the challenge of solo travel.

Try to blend in with locals and behave like one

Before travelling to the destination, do extreme research about the place, its culture, language and mannerism. It would help you to easily blend with the locals. As they say, when in Rome behave like Roman! So, wherever you are travelling think, act and dress like a local just to be safe from pickpockets or stop being identified as a tourist. Let’s learn about the talking mannerism, wherever you go, you must learn how to say the following six phrases and you’ll be golden: ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Thank You’, ‘How Much Does that Cost?’, ‘Where are the Toilets?’, and ‘I love You’. These simple and polite gestures make all the difference when it comes to respect the culture of any place.

Try to travel during daylight

When you’re travelling long term it is often difficult to keep track of time. But, the golden rule for solo female travellers should be to always arrive at your destination before nightfall. Try starting on your journey during the day and when possible try and arrive at your destination in daylight. Note down that most incidents of theft and assault tend to happen at night, so it’s best to avoid night time travel when you’re travelling solo.

Trust your instincts

If you feel uncomfortable around a certain person or in a situation, trust your gut feeling and get away from there as soon as you can. Don’t worry about coming across as rude, your safety and well being takes the prime importance. If you’re confronted by a stranger trying to get too friendly, get up and leave giving an excuse like you’re expecting your parents / boyfriend any minute. Be confident and don’t make yourself look defenseless at all. Pick your cell and act as if you are talking to them.

Leave a trail

‘Social media’, like everything it has its various pros and cons. It can be a great tool when travelling solo. A simple check-in at a new location or a quick photo upload will help to keep your family and friends back home of your whereabouts. Besides that you must share your travelling itinerary with your friend or family back home before leaving for travel. Also, prior you leave home, try and set a sort of ‘time frame’ for instance, if you don’t see my post for 5 days straight, you know something is wrong.

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