Top Five Suggestions for Airlines to Improve the Customer’s Experience

Airline industry is a potential industry for travelers, be it holidaymakers, leisure or frequent business travelers. But, to keep up its standards for them is also very important. In fact, the airlines should offer best facilities and services to its customers to improve their air- travel experience. In this write-up, we have suggested the top five points to improve customer’s experience onboard.

Inform Customers in Advance before Adding or Amending Any Rule

For any kind of flight, be it a domestic or international, long or short, the airlines must take the responsibility of providing information of any kind of change in the schedule, rules or regulations to their customer well in advance. So that, the customers or airline counters can avoid the hassles of changes applied and have a smooth air traveling experience. Sometimes, during long flights in which customers have to change at different airports, the airlines should inform them in-flight about other country airport’s security rule and regulations. This would surely be an extra effort that will add customer credibility towards the airline.

Make Sure the Crew is courteous and Dedicated to their Work

Airlines must note this in their own rule book that before hiring the crew, it must make sure that they hire professional and dedicated people. In fact, it is the most important thing for any airline to provide excellent air travel experience to its customers. The crew is like a backbone of the airline industry that makes any airline’s impression on the customer to gain their liability. The crew including air hostess and steward should take care of every need of the flyer. They must also provide personal attendance for instance, asking customer’s food preference, timings and offering refreshments or being generally helpful.

Focus on Providing Quality Food

The next thing a customer wants after paying a heavy amount of money on flight ticket is good food with good quality as well. Many customers are quite choosey on their eating pattern and quantity as well as things what they are given to eat on flight. For instance, many frequent flyers don’t eat carbs and processed food. They like to have fresh cooked and well packed food, so the airline should keep this fact in mind while planning their diet plan for flights. Also, they should make changes in diet plan as well as dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The crew must also be trained or know what are they serving to the customers like, meat or pork and inform the flyers regarding the same. Moreover, avoid serving much food containing chemicals and preservatives as they might make some of the passengers uneasy onboard.

Get Better Seat Space in Airplanes

As a major service industry, airlines should take care of every aspect for the comfort of its passenger. The passengers can be of all sizes, tall to short or healthy to slim, therefore, airlines should make seats space according to everyone’s ease. The passengers should not feel folded up while sitting or even on their armrest. It is an advice for airlines to make their seat as well as seat space comfortable to all kind of customers.

Complete Everything in Advance Instead of Delaying Flights

Don’t come in the category of those airlines which people call the late ones. These airlines do important things on an impulse without any solid reason. For instance, instead of filling the fuel before flying they make unannounced fuel stops, sit in traffic for landing or take-off, and make delay in flight just because of one member. Flights are mostly delayed for reasons which no one is ever really sure about. Make sure that it doesn’t happen with your airline facility.

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