Asia Cruise Fund welcomes Hainan and The Philippines as new members

Asia Cruise Fund welcomes Hainan and The Philippines as new members

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) welcomed two new members to the Asia Cruise Fund, Hainan and the Philippines, last week.

Representatives from the four destinations signed an official agreement at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the two-day Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific (CSAP) conference and exhibition took place. Founded by the HKTB and the TTB in April this year, the Asia Cruise Fund aims at promoting regional co-operation in the area of cruise tourism, and motivating international cruise lines to deploy more ships to and increase their investment in Asia by supporting the development and marketing of cruise products featuring the port partners. The fund’s two new members, together with the HKTB and the TTB, unveiled the news at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, where 400 delegates, including cruise line executives, representatives from port authorities and national tourism organisations, and media representatives, gathered for the welcome reception hosted by the HKTB. The chiefs of the respective tourism organisations expressed excitement at seeing the alliance growing stronger.

Dr Peter Lam, Chairman of the HKTB, said: “When the HKTB initiated the concept of a cruise co-op fund, we envisioned a strategic alliance which benefits not only cruise lines through funding support for them to market their products, but also the member ports and the Asian region at large, as new itineraries and more ship calls to Asia ultimately enhance consumer interest in cruise travel in the region. We were pleased to receive Taiwan’s support for the idea back in February, which made the launch of the Asia Cruise Fund possible. We are excited that Hainan and the Philippines are joining us in our effort. We would like to thank them for their support for the fund, and above all, for their confidence in the Asian cruise industry. Our four destinations will work closely together to encourage cruise lines and our neighbouring ports to join and leverage the Asia Cruise Fund to expand their business. Meanwhile, Hong Kong will continue to enrich its cruise offerings and promote its diverse onshore experiences, including unique cultural experiences, and world-class dining and shopping, to cruise passengers from the region and around the world.”

Dr Wayne Liu, Deputy Director-General of the TTB, said: “In February this year, Taiwan and Hong Kong broke through the conventional barriers and signed an Asia Cruise Fund agreement that establishes a model for the Asian area in the joint development of cruise passenger sources at home and abroad. The Philippines and Hainan are joining the co-op fund, transforming the alliance from a single ‘line’ between two places to an entire ‘area’.”

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