Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Visa

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 Visa Information for the Bhutan

Visa Note & Fees

  • Indian nationals willing to visit Bhutan do not need a visa under any category; however, they must carry proof of identification.
  • Visitors can enter into Bhutan by road through Indian Territory at the southern border town of Phuntsholing or by Air at Paro.
  • It is mandatory for foreign tourists to avail the services of Druk Air at least one way i.e. either on entry or exit.
  • In the Indian subcontinent, Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines) operates from New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangkok, Dhaka and Kathmandu.
  • Foreign tourists must obtain ‘Visa Clearance’ from the Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB), Thimphu, before departing for Bhutan.
  • The Actual visa is stamped on the visitor’s passport on arrival at the Port of entry on payment of US $20 for a 15 days’ stay.
  • A minimum of 7 working days is needed to obtain the visa clearance.
  • The Visa is granted for single entry only.
  • Extension of visa, for a period not more than 6 months, can be obtained in Thimphu on payment of NU 510.

Facts to Know About Bhutan

Name: Kingdom of Bhutan

Location: Indian sub-continent; on border between Assam (northeast India) and China

Time: IST (+) 1/2 hr

Capital: Thimphu

Language: Dzongkha (official), Nepali, Lepcha, Chocangacakha, Lakha, Brokkat

Area: 46,500 sq km

National Day: 17 Dec (Coronation of First Druk Gyalpo, King of Bhutan)

Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) 1 = INR 1.01

Climate: Bhutan experiences four distinct seasons which are quite similar those of Western Europe. The Monsoon season occurs from June and August when the temperature varies between 8°-21°C. However, the temperatures drop noticeably with increases in altitude. Days are generally very pleasant (average about 10°C) with clear skies and sunshine, but nights are cold and require heavy woolen clothing, mainly in winter. The best time to visit Bhutan is the months of October & November, and April to mid-June, when the rainfall is at a minimum and temperatures are favorable to active days of sightseeing. The foothills are also very pleasant for visits during the winter.

Holidays: 19 Feb – Losar, 21 Feb – Birthday of His Majesty the 5th King, 28 Apr – Zhabdrung Kuchoe, 2 May – Birthday of the Third Druk Gyalpo, 2 Jun – Lord Buddhas Parinirvana, 10 Jul – Birthday of Guru Rinpoche, 20 Jul – Drukpa Tshezhi First Sermon of Lord Buddha), 19 Sep – Thimphu Drubchen, 23 Sep – Thimphu Tshechu, 13 Oct – Dashain, 1 Nov – Coronation of the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, 11 Nov – Birthday of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, 17 Dec – National Day.

Airline Name: Druk Air Corporation (Royal Bhutan Airlines) KB

International Airports: Paro

Diplomatic Representations:

New Delhi

Name: Royal Bhutanese Embassy

Address: Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri

City: New Delhi – 110 021

Country: India

Telephone: 011 – 2688 9807, 2688 9808, 2688 9809, 2688 9230

Fax: 011 – 2687 6710, 2467 4664

Timings: Mon to Fri

Office Timings: 0900 to 1700 hrs

Visa Timings: 0900 to 1300 hrs & 1400 to 1700 hrs


Territory Jurisdiction: No Territory Jurisdiction. All Passports are processed in New Delhi only.

Collection Timings: 0900 to 1300 hrs & 1400 to 1700 hrs

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