Confirmtkt confirms the busiest train routes for the forthcoming festive season

The platform’s advanced machine learning-based system intends to increase the chances of confirmation of train tickets for travellers during this festive period.

As we are nearing the much-awaited festive season in India, the travel calendar of almost every household is quickly getting planned. To ensure that the hundreds of thousands of travellers are not affected by the uncertainty of getting train tickets, Confirmtkt has analysed the busiest train routes for the entire season. The platform has leveraged its predictive systems and alternate route-finding capacity to do the same and also suggest alternate travel options to the users if they are unable to get tickets for the direct routes. The platform allows customer to book train tickets through their iOs / android operating smartphones.

Confirmtkt uses advanced graph-based technology and utilizes multiple quotas available for travel on trains  to give its users a better chance of getting a ticket even for last-minute bookings. The busiest train routes predicted by the platform for the period between August and December are Bangalore-Kolkata, Chennai-Bhubaneswar, Mumbai-Mangalore, Mumbai-Kota, Delhi-Mumbai, Hyderabad – Visakhapatnam and Mumbai-Bangalore. In case if the direct tickets are not available then The alternate travel options suggested by Confirmtkt would help you get a ticket to travel.The alternate options would include options on the same train, options combining different trains, a combination of train and bus and an option that includes only bus routes. For instance, if direct trains are not available on the Bangalore – Kolkata route, the user can pick the option of taking a bus from Bangalore to Chennai and then taking a train from Chennai to Kolkata.

Confirmtkt’s progressive data and AI-driven system can also come up with alternate train routes in case tickets on direct trains are not available from where the chances of getting a confirmed ticket are higher, besides predicting confirmations for waitlisted trains with 94% accuracy. For Bangalore-Kolkata, Confirmtkt suggests to travel on the alternate train route via Visakhapatnam and Jolarpettai, for Chennai-Bhubaneswar, the alternate route would include stations of Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, for Mumbai-Mangalore, the alternate route would include Ratnagiri, Karwar and Goa, for Mumbai – Kota, passengers can also take the route via Ratnagiri and Kolapur stations, for travelling on the Delhi-Mumbai route, passengers can travel via Indore, Gwalior and Jaipur, for Hyderabad – Visakhapatnam, passengers can travel via Vijayawada and for the Mumbai-Bangalore route, passengers can take the alternate route via Gulbarga, Miraj, Hubli. Moreover, Confirmtkt suggests to plan your travel so as the travel date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday where the chances of getting a confirmed ticket are higher.

According to a Confirmtkt insights, of 750 million tickets booked in an year 40% of the tickets would be on waitlist and of these waitlisted travellers 16% of them dont get a confirmed ticket to travel . This number constitues to 130 Million tckets per year.This number would be much higher during uring the festive period, especially between the months of October and November alone.

Confirmtkt ensures that any customer who logs on to the platform even at the last minute leaves with a ‘confirmed ticket’.  The company’s idea to inculcate a sense of confidence in their users about confirmed train tickets has been felicitated by the 2017 mBillionth Travel & Culture award, and helped the company get selected as one of NASSCOM’s 10k Startups.

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