Destination Germany – Traditions & Customs

New Delhi 7 May 2015 – Destination Germany ranks amongst the most sought after tourist and trade destinations for global travelers and traders including Indians. Keeping in view the richness of Germany’s traditions and customs the German National Tourist Office has introduced, today, its new campaign theme for 2015 – ‘Germany – Traditions and Customs’.

The focus of this year’s campaign is strengthening Germany’s image as a traditional and cultural travel destination, highlighting the culinary delights, living traditions and arts and crafts. The campaign will encourage foreign visitors to sample Germany’s many local specialties, to experience traditional festivals and customs in German regions and cities, such as the Munich Beer Festival and the Cologne Carnival, and to discover German cultural events and festivals, arts, crafts and music.

The German Ambassador to India, Michael Steiner, said: “Germany is bustling with more and more tourists every year attracted not only by the most fun city of the world, Berlin, or Munich with its Oktoberfest. In fact, there is so much to see and explore! Germany features an impressive diversity of cultural and natural, historical and contemporary sights and offers a wide range of activities in any season”

Romit Theophilus, Director, Sales and Marketing, GNTO India said: “We have been consistently placed amongst top three most popular European destinations out of India. Our 2015 campaign is focused on increasing the traditional and cultural diversity and supporting cross-cultural dialogue between Germany and other countries across the globe which will boost the rural areas.”

“We are expecting 6 to 7 % growth from the visitor segments from India. Germany is confident in maintaining its position as one of the most favored European destinations by Indian visitors and hope to see the Indian and international visitors grow for destination Germany”, concludes Romit Theophilus.

Today, the variety of traditions and customs offered by Germany include 300 types of bread sold in German bakeries, 1400 breweries loyal to the German Beer Purity Law which is the oldest food regulation in the world, 102,071 hectares of picturesque vineyards, 1500 types of sausage, 2000 traditional costume societies and 10,000 fairs and markets.

On the social media front, Instagram tours will take place all over Germany, in which high-quality photographs are made available to the campaign by influencers. In addition to the live reports on social media platforms, the content will be published on its own social wall with the hash tag #JoinGermanTradition. For more information log on to

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