DU Digital Global Ltd: Leading the Way in Global Administrative Services

DU Digital Global Ltd: Leading the Way in Global Administrative Services

A global leader with a widespread presence, DU Digital Global Ltd stands at the forefront of administrative excellence in the realm of visa, passport, identity management, and citizen services. With operations in 35 countries and an extended network of 1300 partner offices worldwide, DU Digital Global is poised to meet diverse requirements for both governmental clients and business partners. Our commitment to non-judgemental tasks sets us apart, ensuring a seamless experience for all our clients. Explore our comprehensive range of visa services designed to meet your unique needs. At DU Digital Global, consistency in communication is our hallmark, reflected across our website and all other materials.

Thai VAC OpeningKey Highlights:

  1. Global Footprint: DU Digital Global Ltd operates in 35 countries, ensuring a worldwide reach for its administrative services.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Specializing in administrative and non-judgmental tasks, DU Digital Global caters to visa processing in – Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Georgia, Lebanon, Singapore, Serbia etc.
  3. Extensive Network: With Visa Application Centres in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and other major cities of India, DU Digital Global has established a robust network to efficiently address dynamic requirements.

DU Digital Global Ltd commitment to excellence, coupled with its expansive global network, positions it as a go-to provider for administrative services on an international scale. DuDigital Global is also the exclusive partner of Migrate World in India and Meydan Freezone India. 

DU Digital OfficeMigrate World – A leader in the field of immigration services is proud to announce its groundbreaking approach to global citizenship. Specializing in Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs, Residency by Investment (RBI) programs, and a diverse range of options, Migrate World empowers individuals to secure citizenship and obtain additional passports without residency obligations. Headquartered in Dubai, Migrate World boasts a global presence with offices spanning across key regions, including Canada, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, and more. The company’s experienced staff is committed to making clients’ dreams of global citizenship a reality.

Chief Executive – India – Shalini Lambah

With nearly 33 years of experience in Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Sales and Marketing, Brand Management, Business Management, Business Development, and Operations in Aviation and Travel Tourism, Shalini plays an instrumental role as a core team member, contributing significantly to critical decision-making in key business areas. In her capacity as CEO, she is responsible for steering Migrate World’s India operations, overseeing its strategic vision, and ensuring its continued success.

Meydan Freezone – A dream project of Saudi King – Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. By setting up a business in Dubai can be a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their ventures in the Middle East. With its strategic location, tax benefits, and thriving economy, Dubai has become a popular choice for company registration. For those seeking a competitive edge, the Meydan Free Zone offers an exceptional platform. Meydan Free Zone offers you limitless possibilities for your business to flourish. Discover a wide range of over 3,500 business activities designed to support visionaries and entrepreneurs. With state-of-the-art facilities, customizable office spaces, and seamless connectivity, Meydan Free Zone empowers businesses to flourish.

Executive Director – Shivaz Rai

Having 20 years of experience in the Finance Industry, he has a Diploma in Business Management from Harvard Business School and is also a holder of CFA & FRM. Also, accredited by the University Of Chicago in Economics and Mathematics, Shivaz Rai joined hands with his father, the venerable business magnate Rajji Rai to conquer global financial hubs, he embodies the spirit of a true trailblazer. As Rai continues to redefine success, his narrative offers inspiration to all those who dare to dream beyond borders.

DU Verify is a useful software solution for embassies and consulates, designed to streamline the process of digital verification of applicants and provide accurate data points to facilitate faster and more informed decision-making on visa applications from India. We have partnered with the Embassy of Georgia in India to provide secure and efficient backend verification of the applicants.

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