Explore Monaco’s majestic beauty and Opulence

Whether you wish to enjoy utter luxury or spend holidays nearby the beauty of sea, Monaco is a perfect place. Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco is a sovereign citystate and microstate located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest (after the Vatican City) and the most densely populated country in the world. Though, it is a small country but its unparalleled beauty and cultural heritage attract a large number of tourists from around the world. Travel and Hospitality would like to introduce some of the highlights of the principality that makes it a remarkable destination for tourists!

The Monaco Grand Prix

If you are a sports enthusiast, especially for Formula 1 races, then you must witness the Monaco Grand Prix, which is the most demanding and the most glamorous of all such races. The race is hosted during summer in the month of May. It is run on the winding streets of the little country, up and down the hills, through the shops, casinos, and a tunnel along the sea, which is under one of the large hotels. It is unquestionably the most important and prominent automobile race in the world. In addition, Monaco also hosts the Monte- Carlo Historic Grand Prix which is a “mustsee” amongst all the world’s historic races. It is the retrospective of the golden age of car racing that takes place every other year on the famous track of Monaco using the roads of the Principality that haven´t changed since the first race, which was organized on April 14, 1929.

Operas and Ballets at Opera House

When in Monaco you can witness the mesmerizing operas and ballets in the Opera House, which is located in one of the most luxurious wings of the lavish Monte-Carlo Casino. The opera performers are very engaging and hail from countries across the world. The Opera House itself is an one of its kind architectural wonder and is adorned with red and gold. It is also a stage for the “Monte Carlo Jazz Festival” from the past many years. The Opera House truly symbolizes the rich history and culture of this amazing principality.

Nightlife & Casinos

Monaco offers a varied night entertainment menu for nightlife lovers and gamblers. The nightlife life majorly rotates around the glittering night clubs and various casinos, where people come to try their luck and win fortunes. A famous keystone is the Casino de Monte Carlo, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and designed by Charles Garnier. Casino La Rascasse is another famous spot for gamers that have 85 slot machines and many exciting games that are truly interactive. Buddha bar is an exotically decked lounge and restaurant serving Asian fusion food and advanced ambience complementing electronic music of venue’s Eastern theme.

Architectural Wonders

Monaco boasts of various architectural wonders including monuments and palaces. One of the most famous architectural wonders is the floating palaces at Port Hercule in La Condamine. You can also enjoy the spectacular views of the Rock of Monaco and the Prince’s Palace, which is the home of the current monarch. This place is the same where in the year 2001; Prince Albert II married Princess Charlene Wittstock. Visiting through this royal palace is itself an experience of journey through the centuries right from Renaissance to the Napoleonic Period. A must see event is the ritual of changing of guards at the square in front of the Palace every day at 11:55 am which is a delightful experience to watch.

Luxurious & Unique Hotels

This princely country offers international level of luxurious stay in its hotels. You can stay in dream-like luxury hotels which are related with history, the most ultramodern edifices with all architectural styles and commendable décor that is associated under the same guiding lines of quality. You will find a kind of uniqueness in every hotel of Monaco. Some of the most popular hotels to stay here include Hotel De Paris (which offer a fine combination of tradition and modernity), Hotel Metropole and Hotel Hermitage, which is also a historical monument of Monaco. Last but not the least, Hotel Fairmont with each 602 spacious rooms having a private terrace and topmost comfort to offer you a lifetime staying experience in Monaco.

Exploring Monaco through Different Modes

As a tourist, you can get beautiful glimpses of Monaco through different modes. One of the most interesting and exhilarating way to catch Monaco’s panoramic view is through a flight with Heli-Air Monaco. Otherwise, you can just take a ride on the Azur Express Tourist Train and explore the Monaco-Ville (the Old Town) for more intimate view of this gorgeous country.

Tantalizing & Delicious Authentic Food

You have a choice of tantalizing food options in this little but luxurious country. There are many French and Italian restaurants serving delectable cuisine with excellent service and great ambience. The Principality is packed with gastronomic talent as well as Michelin stars! Monaco has not less than 7 star-rated restaurants, including Alain Ducasse’s prestigious Louis XV (3 stars), Joël Robuchon Monte- Carlo (2 stars) and Yoshi (1 star) and the Vistamar in Hermitage (1 star). Lately, few other chic eating place have come up in the province some of which are the Maya Bay Japanese or Thaï restaurants serving fine blend of sweet & savory delicacies.

Incredible Museums & Landscaped Gardens

Last but not the least; Monaco has incredible museums which will surely impress you in every manner. The architecture of the Oceanographic Museum has been impressing visitors for over a century. Visiting the museum gives a different kind of learning experience, which consists of aquariums, Shark Lagoon, a Turtle’s island and collections of Natural History. Princess Grace Rose Garden first opened in 1984 in the memory of Princess Grace and later reopened in June 2014 with charming 8000 rose bushes of 300 different varieties. Here is also an Automobile Museum, where you can see Exhibition of HSH the Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection. The cars are an alluring sight and the museum is regarded as one of the most attractive tourist attractions of the country. Apart from these museums, you can explore other museums like the Museum of “Vieux Monaco”, Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, The Museum of Stamps and Coins etc. Unarguably, Monaco is a unique, beautiful, fashionable and in-demand holiday destination in Europe for all kinds of tourists!

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