Explore Norway Land of the Midnight Sun

The ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’, Norway is truly a natural paradise. Therefore, a vacation in this country seems to be like stepping through a magical mirror, which takes you to a wonderful land where natural environment prevails all over. Norway means many things to many people. Called, `The Land of the Midnight Sun’, here during the summer, the sun does not go down even at night (not a phenomenon all over Norway, though- it happens only in the Lofoten Islands). It is the land of famous explorers like Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl and the top of all, the legendary Vikings; of literary and artistic giants like Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen. And, in contrast, it’s also the land of people like the native Sami Lapps, who even today still live by herding reindeers.

Norway is a charming mix of cities and villages of fjords and breathtakingly beautiful seas. The country’s main cities- Oslo (the capital city), Bergen, Stavanger and the like are as swinging and modern as many in continental Europe. But out in the countryside, life is still as quiet as it was a century ago. On Norway vacations watch the wildlife and scenery, visit the famous Opera in Oslo and the Fish Market in Bergen and discover its many wonders including the UNESCOprotected Geirangerfjord and the North Cape. It is an unusual country that has virtually everything you could want: natural beauty, adventure, beautiful medieval cities, and more.

Indulge in Norwegian culture

The culture of Norway which is expressed in various different forms – in its interesting wooden stave churches and the ornate old carved houses that are tucked away. Here, you can treat yourself with delicious countryside gastronomic meal including the herring and salmon, pickled in every meal. It’s culture somehow similar to `Pan-Europeanism’ in most places, which has still managed to hold its own.

A must souvenir to collect from here is the art of rosemaling (or `rose painting’, a technique once used to decorate furniture and household items). Beside, other Traditional crafts in Norway encompass a wide range of items – from porcelain and crystal to pine furniture, silverware, pewter, knitwear and handicrafts, which are unique to the country.

Best time to come here

The best time to explore Norway is during the summer, which begins from May and extends up to September. It is the time when the weather is pleasant and all the tourist attractions are open to public. Late spring, when the fruit trees are in full bloom, is also good time especially, if you wish to see the country at its scenic best.

How to Reach

By Air: Oslo’s international airport is the main entrance of Norway. Various airlines like Aeroflot, Emirates, Lufthansa and Jet Airways fly there with stop-overs. Most destinations from which you can get direct flights to Oslo lie within Europe, so if you want to fly to Norway from outside the continent, you’ll need to get to a major European airport first.

By Rail: Most trains coming to Norway arrive in Oslo. To Oslo, there are regular trains from Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsingborg (Sweden) and Stockholm. NSB (Norwegian State Railways) operates international services from Oslo to Stockholm, from Oslo via Malmo and Copenhagen to Hamburg and Berlin, between Trondheim and Ostersund, and from Narvik to Stockholm.

By Road: If you’re coming from either Finland or Sweden (two of the three countries which have land frontiers with Norway), you can arrive by road. International highways and secondary roads link the three nations, and there are regular bus services to Norway, Oslo in particular from both Finland as well as Sweden.


Juvet Landscape Hotel - It’s one of Norway’s most delightful hotels, with freestanding rooms remarkably carved out of spruce is set smack in a verdant river canyon.

Things you must explore while in Norway: Geirangerfjord: Shadowed by rearing mountains, this Sshaped fjord is one of Norway’s most stunningly beautiful fjords and truly a visual delight.

Wildlife Safaris in Svalbard: Here, you will spot polarbear and enjoy bird watching. Also, enjoy husky drives; the vast, glaciated landscapes of this gorgeous Arctic Archipelago which offer a spectacular range of wildlife safaris.

Take a ride at the Flåmsbana: Enjoying a ride on the Flåm railway from high up in the mountains to the fjords way down below is one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world.

Visit Nidaros Domkirke, Trondheim: Trondheim’s vaunted Gothic and neo-Gothic domkirke (cathedral) is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia – and one of northern Europe’s finest religious structures.

Urnes Stave church: Perhaps the finest of Norway’s stave churches; Urnes is distinguished by the frenzied intricacy of its woodcarving.

Witness the magical Northern Lights: At once eerily disconcerting and bewitchingly beautiful, the aurora borealis flicker across northern Norway’s winter firmament at irregular and unpredictable intervals.

Go for adventurous Cross-country skiing: Norway’s meadows, moors and mountains boast thousands of kilometres of powdered runs just waiting for adventuresome skiers. You might choose to start at Lillehammer.

Værøy’s sea-bird colonies: This remote Lofoten Island is renowned for its profuse birdlife, which includes puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes, guillemots and even rare sea eagles.

Adventurous hikes by peaks and fjords: One of Norway’s most celebrated hiking areas, the Jotunheimen National Park is crisscrossed with trails and includes northern Europe’s two highest peaks. Witness the most untouched and beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys and waterfalls ever.

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