Arkhangelsk Tourism Board signs agreement with Salvia Promoters for Representation across India

Arkhangelsk Tourism Board signs agreement with Salvia Promoters for Representation across India

Tourism representation firm Salvia Promoters has signed an agreement with Arkhangelsk Tourism Board to represent the Russian Arctic region in India in order to promote tourism from India.

When you think of Russia, the mind often wanders to the iconic domes of Moscow or the Imperial splendour of St. Petersburg. But venture north-way north-and you’ll stumble upon a gem that’s off the beaten path: Arkhangelsk. Nestled by the White Sea, this city is a blend of historical intrigue and natural beauty. It’s a place where the days are long, the fish is fresh, and the history is as deep as the surrounding forests are dense.

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This agreement was signed by Mishin Sergey, Head, of Centre for Development of Tourism and Culture of Ministry of Culture of Government of Arkhangelsk Region and Prashant Chaudhary, Head of Salvia Promoters, in the presence of Anna Tyutrina, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Government of Arkhangelsk Region

In a move that strengthens its position as a clear market leader in Eurasian region, tourism representation firm Salvia Promoters has bagged another destination in Russia.

Chaudhary, from Salvia Promoters, says that ‘‘We have already organised the first FAM trip from India to Arkhangelsk and we are planning to organise more such FAM trips to this beautiful region. Arkhangelsk is an unexplored region for Indians and now they can discover the hidden gems of Russia, but also add this beautiful and unique region to their itineraries.”

Arkhangelsk region is perfect to see the Northern or Polar Lights and open to welcome Indian tourists to come and witness this amazing natural phenomenon from Arkhangelsk.

Chaudhary adds that in order to promote Arkhangelsk and Russian Arctic in India, a number of activities will be undertaken, most of which will focus initially on the B2B side of the tourism industry in India through participating in tourism exhibitions in different cities across PAN India and roadshows.

Arkhangelsk and the Russian Artic region might not be on every traveler’s radar, but that’s part of its charm. It’s a city where history and nature intertwine, offering a unique Russian experience. It’s a region open and welcoming to Indian Tourists.

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