Famous Island Reefs and Diving Spots Across the World

If you are water sports enthusiasts, especially an underwater lovers there are many islands in the world where you can enjoy these activities. The underwater activities like diving and snorkeling takes you to a world of astonishing color that is combined with life, power, beauty and incredible grace. You get to just wear the gears including fins, seal goggles and just dive into the sea to let yourself wander and get familiar with sea species.


Situated in the Caribbean, Bonaire is a Dutch island enclosed by reefs for miles in any given direction. This island of Netherlands is specifically dedicated to scuba divers and snorkeling just because of its lack of sandy beaches. Most of the dive sites in the island are easily accessible. Bonaire is counted as the top destination in the world for shore diving, with each of its over 80 dive sites right offshore.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao, literally meaning the “Turtle Island” is a small island situated close to the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Approx. 7000 new divers get to learn and certified here annually that makes it one of the best places in the world to learn diving and popular attractions in Thailand. Diving around the island reefs is easy, fun and you can see a remarkable variety of marine species like, turtles, coral, various small fish, barracudas and small chance of seeing a whale shark. The average visibility of this underwater reef is about 15-20 meters.


In the form of its location, Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles chain and the Indian Ocean. It features extraordinary sub-aquatic scenery for a diver to enjoy underwater. Home to many marine parks, Mahe offers you wonderful opportunity to dive along with various sea animals like, bottlenose dolphins, hawksbill turtles, Whale sharks, Moray eels and lobsters. Apart from these, the Ste Anne Marine National Park, located at a distance of 5 KM from the capital Victoria is one of the major tourist locations in the Indian Ocean for scuba-diving.

Raja Ampat

Situated off the northwest tip of the island of New Guinea, Raja Ampat (the Four Kings) is a quick archipelago composed of over 1,500 small islands and cays. As per Conservation International, Marine surveys recommend that the marine life diversity around the Raja Ampat islands is the highest recorded on Earth. The stunning wealth of marine life in Raja Ampat is notable.

Andros Island

The largest island of the Bahamas, Andros is home to the third largest barrier reef in the world. Over 230 KM long, the island reef offers various opportunities to watch undersea life. The shore side of the reef is pretty calm and quiet as well as semi-deep (around 2.5 meters / 8 feet). It is a perfect place to learn diving or for the beginners. However, the ocean side of the reef is anything but reclaimed though and therefore, diving should be done only by experts.


Roatán is a famous island amongst Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The island is located close to the main barrier reef in the Caribbean and the world’s second largest barrier reef. Roatán is a popular scuba diving destination. The diving sites are teaming with sea life and are hardly affected by weather making them some of the most ideal learner sites available. Nearby, Utila Island offers the low cost Open Water courses in the Caribbean.


Situated just off the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is a famous destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. The underwater world surrounding Cozumel was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in the year 1959 who called it one of the best diving areas in the world. Since then, it has become a National Marine Park to protect the fragile balance of its charming coral reefs and marvelous variety of tropical fish. This marine park offers its diver some of the best visibility that one might ever encounter. It often reaches distances of 30 meters or more. The most unique thing about this part is the Splendid Toadfish, which is a bright, colorful fish species and found nowhere else on Earth.

Little Cayman

Little Cayman is a small island that has some of the topmost diving spots in the world like, Jackson Point and Bloody Bay. It has around 50 unique dive sites through which, a diver can try different level of experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Little Cayman Island provides variety of sea species including coral gardens, sea plumes and many different species of tropical fish.

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