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Good morning
To be honest with you, it’s hard to be productive at home during a lock-down that we are in. We haven’t been able to learn a new language, we’ve recorded no extra muscle mass from the pushup challenge, and our family hasn’t grown any closer even when we are stuck together 24/7!
There are many professional things that we can do at home during this lockdown period, but alas! We have lost our daily urge, enthusiasm to work with firm and focused attention. We have developed a kind of laid-back attitude that makes us sleep late in the night and get up very late in the morning. Our number of cups of coffee has dramatically increased.
Being confined to our home, with no outdoor appointments, we are giving extra time, or probably more than needed time, to our oral health/ hygiene like washing our face and teeth for more than usual time. This is besides our frequent 30- second hand washings to avoid any chance of getting infected with any malicious virus such as corona that has brought our social, professional and public life to a standstill.
Unlike normal time, there is no rush to go to bathroom for a shower, as there is no rush to go to office or for any appointed meetings. We have started to get pretty much used to not showering till the evening! Unintended conservation of water: we are having a single shower in a day instead of two in normal time.
On a somber and serious note, I do hope you all stay safe and healthy. This is time to play safe, play inside home, and not to indulge in outdoor adventure!
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Enjoy reading!
Prem Kumar
Travel & Hospitality

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