Holidays for Healing In Taiwan: Tea Trails and Celebrations

Holidays for Healing In Taiwan: Tea Trails and Celebrations

Acknowledging the Indian love for a good cup of tea, Taiwan Tourism Bureau has included a series of tea-centred celebrations and holidays as part of the ‘Holiday for Healing’. These holidays are part of a larger outlook by Taiwan to promote organic tea and work on international standardisation of quality. As Taiwan begins a phase of gradual opening up, beginning with business-based travel from low and medium-risk countries, opening up to tourism in a phased manner is to follow. The inclusion of a series of celebrations centred around Tea promises to cherish all things organic amidst nature, in an effort to encourage experiences that please the senses and make way for new memories, to create a true healing environment.

Taiwan’s Tea Context

With 2020 marked as the year of organic tea, authorities in Taiwan are developing a system of grading of tea based on an internationally agreed-upon system. Talks are on in the Asia-Pacific region and the US currently, and as the situation improves, with key individuals in this sector in South Asia as well. Currently, Taiwan accounts for 20% of the global production of the Oolongs variety, with harvest concentrated between April and December. Interestingly, Bubble Tea, which is such a global phenomenon currently, also originated in Taiwan in the last decade of the previous millennium. Currently, there are about 20,000 hectares of tea farms in Taiwan, producing approximately 20,000 tons of tea annually. And in the last two quarters of 2020, Taiwan invites international tourists to stop and take a sip in the journey of Healing.

Taipei Nangang Expo

From November 13-16, the Taipei Nangang Expo will also be held which celebrates the beverage along with arts and culture of Taiwan, giving tourists the opportunity to taste the best in Taiwanese organic tea from across the country. The Expo is part of a larger Taiwan Food and Beverage series which hosted over 2800 booths and exhibitors with 200,000+ buyers in the previous edition held last year. Both a B2B and B2C event, tourists and curious visitors can expect plenty of shopping and exquisite tea tasting as part of the multi-day experience.

Alishan Four Seasons Tea Tour: A Holiday for Healing

If cherry blossoms and magical sunsets were not reason enough to tempt traveller to take a trip down to the Alishan National Scenic Area, then the scent of tea leaves and the promise of a warm, home-brewed cup only add to the charm of the Alishan region in south-west Taiwan. The Alishan Four Seasons Tea Tour, initially scheduled as a round-the-year celebration, will now be hosting an Autumn Tea Party in August amidst the myriad of autumn hues, followed by one in late-winter. Registration to tea tours are currently open for locals on pre-booking, but the situation continues to evolve as per opening up.

 Alpine oolong tea, Jinxuan tea, green tea and standard breakfast teas produced by Alishan are quite popular for their freshness and mellow flavour.

 Day-long Tea tours begin with a magical sunrise over the Alishan Scenic Area, while sipping a cup of fresh, organic tea picked from the plantations around. Alishan is famous for its sunrise views, best explored from the Jade Mountains for active trekkers, and the Zushan Sunrise Observation Deck. With gentle climbs, a relaxed pace and tea tasting, the morning passes by amidst an assortment of beautiful sights, smells and knowledge sessions. Included in the morning visit to the plantations are sessions on the art of gathering and brewing along with overall eco-tourism, related industries and products. Afternoons will be kept aside for a lunch of local delights amidst fresh mountain air, with gentle walking trails afterwards to walk it all off, while keeping only the memories and sights. Sipping a warm cup of fine tea in autumn or winter whilst soaking in the natural scenery of Alishan with sights such as cherry blossoms, fireflies, waterfalls, bamboo forests, birds and enchanting clouds fosters a sense of ‘Gemütlichkeit’ – the German way of expressing a sense of cosiness with your surroundings.

So, let’s start planning because hope lies at the end of this dark phase, and Taiwan is keenly waiting for you.

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