Honeymoon trends with a difference

As travel as become more of a necessity than a luxury, the definition of a honeymoon has also undergone quite a change. While it’s still a way for newlyweds to spend time with each other, the concepts of second honeymoons and babymoons have become quite a trend in India.

The Local Touch
Travelers are no longer interested in just being simple observers. Our clients always expect an authentic experience each time, with local guides who know the culture inside-out to spending time getting immersed in the country’s culture. Wine tours, foodcations, walking tours, these have become more than just words, with honeymooners actively seeking out such experiences.
Personalization: The little things really count
Personalization doesn’t have to be a big deal. For instance, when it’s a couple on their honeymoon, the airhostess congratulating them or finding a little note on their pillow when they reach the hotel, can make all the difference to their vacation. There’s also an increasing demand for local and authentic experiences that allow traveler’s to enjoy a level of personalization, like an intimate safari experience that gives them a chance to experience it from close quarters.
Self-Drive Holidays
Self-drive holidays have seen an upsurge with today’s travellers wanting to explore more on their own, and they will just continue to gain traction as new-age voyagers are constantly looking for authentic experiences. With an adventurous and thrilling vibe to the idea of experiencing the trails firsthand, self-drive holidays are a hit with not just experienced travellers but also youngsters. The most beautiful and exotic getaways to trend in 2017 are Europe, New Zealand and UK that offer some breathtaking driveways. USA and Australia are expected to see a fair amount of tourists too.
Unexpected pairings
Travelers are seeking out unique and adventurous experiences, the crazier the better. As a result, they are combining destinations and experiences that are very different from one another. For instance, a luxury camping experience with some polo lessons thrown in or a luxurious massage in the middle of a safari.
Enjoy the Exotic
Travelers in general, and especially younger travelers, are heading for more exotic places that can provide unique experiences. So whether it’s glam ping in a tree house or taking private polo lessons in the middle of a camping trip, today’s travelers are limited only by their imagination.
The luxury angle
Whether it’s a luxurious resort in Bali or sumptuous safari experience in Africa, honeymooners are sparing no expense for the kind of vacation they want.

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