Madrid introduces city’s Tourism Loyalty Programme

The capital of Spain, Madrid is the first destination to offer a visitors loyalty programme based on a catalogue of exclusive advantages and offers that can be redeemed through a points system. It is called ¨Vuelve a Madrid¨ which means Return to Madrid, a programme developed by Madrid City Council´s Tourism Office to encourage visitors to return to the city, this initiative was introduced by Luis Cueto, the General Coordinator of Madrid´s Mayor Office on 6th March 2018 along with Miguel Sanz, Director of Tourism.

Undoubtedly, the city of Madrid leads the way in tourism innovation. The programme is aimed at more than 9.9 million visitors who come to the city each year and particularly to those who regularly travel to it for professional reasons. At the time of its launch, Cueto summed up the project with these words: “What we are doing with this really innovative initiative is promoting Madrid, making the city grow, making its tourist offer even more attractive and making all the players in the tourism industry shine even more brightly. We have no doubts as to the importance of public-private collaboration”.

This programme, which rolled out in March 2017 and has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF operational programme has made Madrid the first major destination to have its own loyalty programme. The objectives of the programme are four-fold: It allows companies and institutions to join the tourism value chain and helps them to increase the consumption of their products and/or services amidst a much wider audience.  Its aim is to promote repeat visits to the capital, boost tourism expenditure, diversify consumption and foster sustainable tourism by deseasonalising visits by tourists. In this way, everyone is able to join the tourist value chain.

Moreover, it offers special experiences, opportunities and discounts. More than 1,700 people have already signed up for Vuelve a Madrid and more than 50 companies and institutions in Madrid have expressed their interest and confidence in the programme by adhering to it. These include major cultural gatherings such as ARCO; leisure and entertainment references in the capital such as the tour of the Bernabéu Stadium, La Zarzuela Racecourse, the Wax Museum, and musicals and shows.

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