New pleasure cruise line between Haifa and Acre in Israel

First project in Israel to start the water route between two cities!

A new pleasure cruise line has been launched for better connectivity between Haifa and Acre (Akko) ports. This new initiative will decrease the travel time between the two cities and will enhance tourist experiences through this beautiful water route. The sailing takes 45 minutes and the boat has a capacity of up to 200 passengers. The Tourism Ministry invested about NIS 11 Million (approx. USD 2.88 Million) in upgrading the two ports and the Haifa and Acre Municipalities will assist in marketing the line that will, in the future, include a combined ticket offering tours in the tourism sites in Acre and Haifa. The Tourism Ministry estimates that the pleasure cruise line will attract thousands of tourists, domestic and international, each year.

The new pleasure cruise line was launched in the presence of the Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, Tourism Ministry Director-General Amir Halevi, the mayor of Haifa Yona Yahav and the mayor of Acre Shimon Lankri. Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said: “We launched the tourist pleasure cruise line between Haifa and Acre. This is the first such project of its kind in Israel, a complex one that I set as a central objective in developing the tourism infrastructure in the north, and this, after many years of talk but without implementation. This scheduled pleasure cruise line will serve as a fixed-price tourism attraction and will help significantly in promoting tourism to Haifa and Acre.”

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