On this International Music Day, know why Madhya Pradesh and Music are inseparable!

On this International Music Day, know why Madhya Pradesh and Music are inseparable!

- MPTB edging ahead to keep inseparable music and Madhya Pradesh alive

– International Music Day 21st June

– The Ministry of Culture (MoC) has approved the grant for the Museum of Music in Gwalior

– Gwalior, a UNESCO Creative City of Music is a testament to Madhya Pradesh’s rich musical heritage

As the world celebrates International Music Day, Madhya Pradesh Tourism is proud to showcase the state’s vibrant musical tapestry. Gwalior, a city with a long history of artistic patronage, has been designated as a Creative City of Music by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). This prestigious recognition underscores Gwalior’s immense contribution to the development of Hindustani classical music.

Tansen samaroh4The Moti Mahal or Moti Palace of Gwalior built in 1825 by the Scindia ruler Maharaja Shrimant Daulat Rao Scindia of Gwalior in a Hindu architectural style is one of the main buildings of Gwalior’s history. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is putting efforts to transform this heritage site into a Museum of Music where the rich culture of Gwalior can be revisited. The project is setting its sights on transforming the museum into the most visited public space in Gwalior.

Lokrang5The Ministry of Culture (MoC) has approved the grant for the Museum of Music. The proposals sent by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board for the Museum of Music are approved for financial assistance recommended by the Expert Committee under the Museum Grant Scheme. The Museum will showcase antique musical instruments for music and art lovers.

Lokrang9Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture and Managing Director of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla said Gwalior’s designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Music is a testament to Madhya Pradesh’s rich musical heritage. Madhya Pradesh offers a unique travel experience for music lovers. Gwalior celebrates its musical heritage through Tansen Samaroh, a festival dedicated to Tansen’s legacy. Bhopal, the capital city, hosts events like the Lokrang Festival, showcasing the state’s diverse folk and tribal music. 

Music Gharana from Madhya Pradesh: The Melodic Heart of India

Madhya Pradesh’s musical legacy boasts legendary figures as it is home to the four largest gharana of Indian classical music – Maihar gharana, Gwalior Gharana, Senia gharana and Indore Gharana. The most famous among these are the Maihar and Gwalior gharana. The Maihar gharana has given the world stalwarts like sitar maestro Ravi Shankar, flute maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia and sarod maestro Alauddin Khan. Gwalior  gharana has produced great artists like Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Malini Rajurkar, DV Paluskar, Kumar Gandharva and Mukul Shivputra.

Shri Shukla added Madhya Pradesh is an Offbeat Multispecialty Destination of First Choice and every city in the state boasts a unique musical identity, and four largest music gharana enriching the state’s diverse soundscape. Experience the Music of Madhya Pradesh!

A Tapestry of Sounds

Lokrang6The state is that there are many music festivals held here that still honour composers and celebrate music. Some of the famous festivals include the Allauddin Khan Sangeet Samaroh, a three-day music festival held in the city of Maihar, dedicated to Ustad Alauddin Khan, the head of the Maihar Gharana, and the Amir Khan Mahotsav, held in Indore which is dedicated to the founder of Indore gharana Ustad Amir Khan.  Sangeet Prasang, Vishwa Yog Evam Sangeet Diwas, Ye Shaam Mastani, Hriday Drishyam, The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival (GIFLIF) in Bhopal. Tansen Music Festival is organized near Tansen’s Samadhi in Gwalior in December.

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