Plan your Summer Holidays and Witness 8th New Wonder of the World

Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Annual migration of Wildebeest in Kenya is the most exhilarating East African safari event that tops the list of a wildlife spectacle like no other. This annual natural event takes place between the months of July to September and involves millions of wildebeest accompanied by hundreds of zebra, antelope species of gazelles, impala and elands with their newly-born young as they attempt to cross the vast Tanzania’s Serengeti plains northwards into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National reserve in search of food and water.

It’s a tough journey, and every year an estimated 250,000 wildebeest don’t make it. This is one of the highlights as the animals try and cross the Mara River alive. The Maasai Mara form what no other reserve in Africa can! It is incredible, it is magic and it is indescribable.

Nowhere in the world is there a movement of animals as immense as the wildebeest migration. The animals have to cross the Mara River in the Maasai Mara where crocodiles prey on them. This is one of the highlights as the animals try and cross the Mara River alive.

The migrating herds undergo all manner of challenges and hardships as they move from region to region. They are constantly under attack from predators, none more so than from Africa’s big cats and the notoriously huge crocodiles that lie in wait at various river crossing points. But still every year, the cycle is repeated, with the animals following their strong migratory instinct and attempting to defy crocodile-infested rivers, wild currents, and flocks of predators lying in wait.


There are plenty of well-located accommodations in the Maasai Mara to enable the tourists to experience the migration, and nearly all scheduled tours and safaris to the country include excursions into the conservation areas.

July to October, the grazing animals take a four-month-long trek towards the Mara River. In desperate need of water to drink and grass to graze, the countless herds need to cross the river to reach the lush, green grasslands in Maasai Mara. The world’s most spectacular sight is the mass crossing of the swollen Mara River.

Wildebeest Migration is a sight to behold when on your wildlife safari and it’s even more awesome watching it on the ground or with Mara balloon Safaris. Watching this wonder from the sky is a life time experience. Maasai Mara Balloon safari is known as one of the best safari experiences in the world & watching the migration there is simply great. Hot Air balloon provides an aerial view of the “Greatest Game Show on Earth”.

The wildebeest migration phenomenon is so huge that satellites miles away in space are able to capture the surge as a black moving mass on the plains of East Africa. Going on safari to view & witness the Wildebeest migration is the ultimate safari experience that Kenya has to offer


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