Private clubs are offering urban families an opportunity to spend quality time

By Rajesh Shetty

It is not always about quantity but the quality and making the time count. With the increasing hectic urban lifestyle, the invasion of the digital world into our everyday lives and schedules that involve navigating through hours of traffic, it has become very difficult to spend some quality time with our families. This is the reason that the need for a relaxed space to unwind and rejuvenate has become the need of the hour.

Privates clubs are offering opportunities to urban families to spend some quality time with each of their family members:

  1. Father and child time: According to a Polish Proverb, “You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once”. Given the current urban lifestyle, an average child seldom gets to spend time with the father, apart from weekends. A relaxed and safe environment that is removed from the routine set up of the home, allows for a quality one to one time between father and child, helping create a strong bond at a young age. From a game of table tennis or a few hours in the pool to a scrumptious brunch or meal, the exclusive ‘father’ time for the child could help not only create lifelong memories but also form the foundation of a person’s character and mould them into better adults. A snoozy meal after a day full of active sports or entertainment experience, under the same roof, can offer a relaxed experience, deserving of a wonderful weekend tarriance.
  1. Pampered time with Grandparents: In the age of nuclear families, ‘grandparents’ have become a luxurious concept – guests who visit for a fixed duration and pamper the grandchild spoilt! Limited within the confines of time, space and resources, this grandparent-grandchildren time is seldom perfect. Apart from the pampering and adoration, grandparents are instrumental in passing down the cultural, moral and rich value system to children, handed over in the form of entertaining anecdotes, stories or fun, forgotten activities. The calm, serene ambience of the club provides an open yet intimate ambience for this exchange, amidst shared leisure activities and food.
  1. Me-Time’ for Women: Women have generally been programmed to be nurturers and caregivers and, despite the 21st-century culture of equal responsibility and partnerships, women often end up taking more on their plate. This leaves them with little or no ‘me’ time, leading to burnouts. It very important for a woman to take some time out for herself so that she can enjoy a healthy, balanced and enriched lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Apart from fine dining and activity centres, the private clubs offer opportunities to relax with spa, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna, as well as open-air cafes to have a relaxing day in the club.
  1. Mid-week destination for Couples: In today’s world, most families consist of working couples with both husband and wife pursuing 12-hour workday, followed by the day-today struggle of family responsibilities. This leaves little or no scope for any quality togetherness that is vital to strengthen a marital bond. A brief mid-week ‘date’ at the private club offers a relaxed and peaceful ambience for couples to actually ‘hangout’ and catch up on some quality time together before they head out again to face the world. A lunch date or a game of tennis, a swim or just a relaxed spa session at the club can help rejuvenate their bond. The combination of sport, fun and recreation becomes a great stress buster for them which improves their quality of life and improves overall productivity as well thus providing a great balance between family, social life and work.
  1. A place of refuge for working moms and their kids: Mothers play a very important role in a child’s overall development. One of the most important roles a mother play is the role of a nurturer. Most mothers now a day are working women, and it becomes very difficult for them to take up the roles of being full-time mothers. Private clubs are the perfect refuge for the working moms to get out of the cacophony of city life and spend some time with her kid in a peaceful atmosphere. From power-Yoga session and modernistic gyms to table tennis, basketball and swimming, as well as Zumba, dance and aerobics sessions for women and children, the offering cater to the varied tastes and preferences of the members.

As an integrated, well designed and strategically-located venue, lifestyle clubs are providing to be a much sought-after place for urban families, businessmen, millennial to seek quality time in a luxurious and comfortable ambience, within the heart of the city.

(Rajesh Shetty is  GM of The Acres Lifestyle Club & The Fern Residency)


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