Rajput heritage hotels keeping with the tradition

Alsisar Group of Hotels is looking forward to woo the domestic tourists from metros and the Indian diaspora taking a tour of India to know about their roots.

For high-end luxury tourists with an inclination to know about astounding heritage properties in rajasthan, there is Alsisar Group of hotels that promise to recreate the regal era of the land of rajputana. One of the best-known properties of the group has been Alsisar haveli, snuggled in the hub of Jaipur. Owned by Kachawa clan of rajputs, Alsisar haveli came into existence way back in 1892 and has been refurbished and transformed into a heritage hotel sometime in 1994.

For taking in the traditional architectural wonders of rajputana, Alsisar haveli is the preferred choice that has been aesthetically done up and rests in a serene ambience. Another heritage hotel from Alsisar group is Alsisar mahal at Alsisar in Shekhawati region of rajasthan. Lying around 250 km from New Delhi, Alsisar is emerging as a weekend tourist destination.

According to Dhruv Singh, Finance manager, Alsisar Group of hotels, “Both the 18th century heritage hotels flaunt the timeless art of rajasthan and have been renovated in a way to preserve the original look and recreate the old-world ambience right from the corridors to courtyards, summer- house and cenotaphs. Alsisar haveli emphasizes on value-formoney offerings rather than luxury and the average room rate is lower than our other luxury properties. We focus on the diverse needs of our guests ranging from college-goers to corporate clients and luxury travellers. We do not have mIcE facilities at Alsisar haveli since we try to provide calm atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy.”

There are ample of facilities and services for mIcE tourists at Alsisar mahal, Shekhawati and at Nahargarh in ranthambore that formed the venue for Indian heritage hotels conference for two years. Dhruv Singh said, “Our heritage properties experienced an upward trend in the flow of domestic tourists last year. We were once wooing the inbound travellers from the western countries like Europe and Scandinavia but with changing times, the trend among travellers is changing too. These days, a sizeable number of Indian tourists are interested to know about the glorious heritage of rajasthan. Those residing in metros and the Indian diaspora, who return back to learn about their Indian roots plan their journey to rajasthan. We are eyeing those living in metros and the Indian diaspora into our hotel.”

Shekhawati is famed for its ancient mansions that flaunt fresco paintings and mural works. Alsisar mahal hosts the annual magnetic Fields Festival in the month of December every year.

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