Relive the historic era of India’s freedom struggle

Every year Indians across the globe celebrates 15 August as Independence Day with great fanfare, pride and joy. This hard-earned independence had come with great struggle and sacrifice of our great leaders. Every regions and parts of the country contributed to our national freedom movement. It is important that we as Indians should know the places associated with our freedom struggle. And what can be a better idea other than visiting such historical destinations to know them, so relive the Historic Era of India’s freedom struggle by taking a walk down memory lane by visiting historic destinations across India.

On the occasion of Independence Day this year, suggested some perfect getaway destinations to experience first-hand the richness of India’s culture, its heritage and history.


Mostly famous for the Golden Temple, Amritsar has some of the most prominent places that reflect the historicpost-Independence era of India. A few of the tourist attractions include Attari Border and Wagah Border, the international borders that divide India from Pakistan, Gob- indgarh Fort, the only surviving fort from the times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh which has had a continuous historical narrative including events from the struggle for independence and lastly Jallianwala Bagh, the place where thousands lost their lives during a peace meet.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India are very beautiful, but an unexplored tourist spot in India. It not only has beaches but it also housesa number of historic monuments and museums. The cellular jail is the most important tourist spot in the Andaman’s. The British constructed the cellular jail to imprisonIndian freedom fighters during India’s struggle for independence. Post- Independence, it was declared as a national memorial, and it is now a museum and an art gallery. The saga of the heroic freedom struggle is brought alive in the famous sound and light show, showcased daily inside the jail premise.


It is a city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic Indiaand New Delhiwhich was created by the British Raj. Some of the major tourist attractions are Azad Hind Gram – built in order to honour Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, India Gate – The monument was dedicated to the nation 10 years later by the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin and The Parliament House – that houses ministerial offices and also numerous committee rooms and an excellent library as well.


Panoramic backwater stretches, lush paddy fields, highlands and extensive rubber plantations characterize this beautiful land which attracts a number of tourists. The majestic Vembanad Lake and the stunning backwaters of Kumarakom are its prime attractions. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja from the same origin was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India.He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) on account of his martial exploits.


It is a beautiful city that still retains its old world charm. One of the famous Indian movement the ‘Kakori’ conspiracy during the Indian Independence Movement against the British Indian Governmenttook place in the same district. Some of places to see include – British Residency Lucknow, Bara Imambara, Chattar Manzil, Jama Masjid, Rumi Darwaza, Moti Mahal, Lakshmana and HussainabadImambara.


The place’s history with reference to the Indian freedom struggle goes back to the era 1812- 1815 when the city was peacefully occupied by the British army. Goa is one of the top destinations associated with tourism in our country with panoramic views of water, sand and clear blue skies. Portuguese style churches, old forts, historical buildings, flea markets, are the main attractions in Goa. For all people interested in relishing a bygone era should include Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, and Secretariat from the array of history and culture, Basilica de Bom Jesus, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Royal Chapel of St Anthony and the Ancestral Goa museum to their sight-seeing list.

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