Sana-di-ge, New Delhi showcased their traditional Signature dishes

Sana-di-ge, New Delhi showcased their traditional Signature dishes

Taking the legacy of coastal cuisines forward, Sana-di-ge, New Delhi, recently showcased their rich culture and heritage to media through their traditional Signature recipes, which are passed through generations. These age-old recipes are heritage gems of India and are curated, crafted and cared through ages. They are not the regular recipes, but the special ones. These dishes are from the treasures of Shetty household, which have mastered these dishes through years of experience. At Sana-di-ge, every dish is exceptionally prepared with utmost attention and love.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 8.01.12 PMThe signature dishes include traditional drink – Sol Kadi, starters like Neitha Kori (Chicken Ghee Roast – made with chicken chunks pan tossed with authentic spices & clarified butter), Mushroom Varuval (fresh mushrooms, deep fried & pan tossed with South Indian spices finished with nuts and curry leaves), soups like Mamsa Menasinakalu Saaru (reduced lamb stock with pungent pepper & spices), Nuggekai Soup (spiced drumstick broth) and main course dishes like Mangalorean Fish Curry (fresh king fish cooked in Mangalorean spices with coconut base curry), Nuggekai Pulimunchi (tender drumsticks cooked in a traditional pullimunchi masala) and many more. The extravaganza does not end here. There is Nei Choru (Kaima rice cooked with flavourful spices & clarified butter), Elaneer Payasam (a soulful combination of coconut cream and fresh tender coconut pulp) and other dishes to delight your senses.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 8.01.12 PM (1)Talking about these dishes, Executive Chef Sukesh Kanchan, shared, “We are ecstatic to showcase our rich culture and traditions though this gastronomical journey where we are presenting few dishes from our vast diversity of culture. These myriad of dishes are unique and celebrate the local produce of those regions from where they belong to. There are non-veg delights as well as veg delights, that are bound to capture the hearts of people. Southern region has a wide variety of indigenous food to offer and with this showcase, we like to bring the attention to our traditional recipes which are passes to us by our ancestors. I feel so blessed to be trained under the able aegis of Mrs. Asha Shetty, the consort of Mr. K Prakash Shetty-Founder MRG Group. These recipes are true treasure of Shetty household and we are happy that we have been able to do present therm to all

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 8.01.11 PMThe restaurant has created a melange of culinary experience for the food connoisseurs of Delhi for this exclusive showcase.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 8.01.11 PM (1)All these dishes are available for the food aficionados throughout the year at the restaurant.

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