Saudi Tourism Authority Hosts Two-City Experiential Perfumery Events in India

Saudi Tourism Authority Hosts Two-City Experiential Perfumery Events in India

The fragrances of roses wafted through the air at Essence of Saudi, immersive perfumery workshops held in Mumbai and Delhi hosted by the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA). The events showcased treasures of Saudi fragrances with a focus on the renowned roses from Taif, a city known for its perfumeries. It offered guests a unique opportunity to delve into the rich olfactory heritage of Saudi, the true home of Arabia. Over 60 guests, including luxury travel trade partners, top online travel agents, wholesalers, media, influencers, and travel bloggers, attended the workshops, a first-of-its-kind activation by STA across markets.

STA Delhi Event 6Guided by expert perfumers, participants immersed themselves in the aromatic world, learning about the cultural significance of fragrances and the art of perfume-making. They also got the opportunity to create their bespoke fragrances. Drawing inspiration from lush landscapes and the rich botanical heritage of Saudi, attendees crafted unique concoctions that reflected their preferences.

Fragrance plays a significant role in Saudi culture, which was shared with the guests while highlighting the exquisite Taif roses, a symbol of the country’s natural abundance. The experiential perfumery workshop provided a platform for participants to gain insight into the intricate process of perfume-making, from selecting the finest ingredients to blending fragrances harmoniously. By fostering a deeper appreciation for Saudi fragrances and culture, the event aimed to bring Indian travellers closer to what Saudi has to offer.

STA Mumbai Event 6Taif referred to as the ‘city of roses’ and ‘the friend of the clouds,’ is blessed with year-long cool weather. Nestled on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains, it is approximately 1,700 metres above sea level. The region is known for its diverse produce, including grapes, berries, pomegranates, and figs. The coveted Taif roses steal the spotlight with their enchanting fragrance and captivating aroma enthusiasts worldwide. Each year in December, local farmers prepare rose fields. By mid-January, at the peak of winter, they prune rose bushes, harvesting dark coloured as well as light pink roses known as the ‘Rose of Taif’. Multiple perfumeries and rose product factories are engaged in the production of high-quality perfumes and rose water. One can enjoy Arabic coffee in cafes around the perfumeries and bring back souvenirs from the city of roses, such as rose oils, soaps and perfumes.

Taif can be reached by a scenic drive from Jeddah in 3 hours.

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