Smart boarding cards soon

Smart boarding cards soon

The Government is planning to come up a smart  boarding pass for fliers that  will tell if they have cleared security checks before getting on an aircraft without a stamp on it declaring that. According to Times of India’s report the CISF and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security are working on a three-pronged strategy to end the system of stamping boarding cards “security checked”, just like hand bag tags at several airports are now not marked. Currently, only Hyderabad airport has a paperless boarding process.

“We are working on a system where boarding cards will be scanned at the time of entering a terminal (or when a passenger gets the same at check-in) and then after clearing the pre-embarkation security check. This card will be scanned at the boarding gate where the person doing so will know if the flyer has cleared previous two stages or if he/she has skipped it,” Times of India quoted a CISF official as saying.

CISF chief O P Singh said a pilot project on not stamping cards would soon be carried out at some smaller airports. “In due course, we will end the stamping of boarding cards.” BCAs and CISF are also working on biometrics and e-boarding facility that will enable a paperless entry into an aircraft once the system of scanning boarding passes is in place. Flyers can then board planes by just giving an iris or fingerprint scan and showing the boarding card on their phones.

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