It revolutionizes the way; travel agencies can do business, grow capabilities and reach our farther than they can see. With many online agencies, the market environment will witness a new wave of an “advanced” empowerment.

Here’s more about the less understood & interpreted initiative from TAAI. The two roadshows on TAAI CONNECT to Travel Agencies (TAAI & Non TAAI) at Mumbai on 8th August 2018 & Bengaluru on 10th August 2018 have reverberated new sounds that reflect eagerness & enthusiasm to try it out.  Our interaction with large crowds kept suggesting that we go all out on this industry-lead from TAAI.

We are introduced to frequent record-breaking success stories, on how the “online marketing” is capturing the attention of large and growing travellers.  It is not just cost or promo related, but more convenience driven. A new buying-behaviour pattern to which travellers get accustomed to, makes it difficult for them to step back on to manual modes.

 We also hear stories of large selling online companies not yet making profits and losing out, not because they do not sell, but more because the cost of technology, its development and maintenance is huge and unsustainable. TAAI is addressing both these happenings. One must be upgraded to online capabilities and not spend all money on investment. To also benefit from the voluminous pricing due to TAAI Connect.

 Our TAAI tenet on TAAI CONNECT is clear. Digital empowerment will “better qualify” our stakeholders to dominate market places. The first statement we make, suggests “The real challenge right now is to RETAIN your EXISTING customer; than open your agency for new customers”. Agencies are consistently losing out their old customers and their newer generations.

Something had to be done – on an urgent basis. Thus came in TAAI CONNECT, to bring in a revolution in “thought process”. This vision brought us to interact with technology developers and we now have someone who understood our initiative and ready to evolve and design to customize TAAI Connect.

TAAI Connect is a digital empowerment that supports Travel Agencies to enhance their capabilities. The small agency in small or remote part of India can have the same capabilities of a large agency in the most advanced part of the world.  Air Tickets or Hotels, as a product being the same, no matter from whom it is sourced out, what matters is the immediate connect; convenience; choice and cost to a traveller. That is precisely what TAAI Connect offers.

 Today we have a TAAI CONNECT, and I can already see, more of such initiatives coming up. But with TAAI, the focus is very different and more industry conscious.

“True Relevance” comes from “making others relevant”. Relevance is not to upgrade ourselves in this world that demands us to change, but to also encourage more embrace change.  When “service” gets attached to what you do, it makes our living more purposeful and meaningful.

Needless to mention, with Media, publishing – speaking – reflecting TAAI Connect, this can only make our initiative reach out farther and connect more.  It is a colossal service that we can be proud of, to steer INDIA to a global noticeability.

Request your whole-hearted support. We shall greatly appreciate your publish on TAAI CONNECT.

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