Taiwan – World’s Friendliest Country!

Various surveys over several years have rated Taiwan as one of the friendliest countries in the world! Every traveller who has visited Taiwan insists on how welcoming the people are, how helpful ever citizen can be, how safe the streets are and how fantastic the food is!

There are several factors that contribute towards making Taiwan a friendly destination.

  • Friendly locals equals to happy travellers: Friendly local people means it’s easy to get around, ask for directions and find people to hang out with. Even sometimes if language is an issue or there is a communication gap, Taiwanese people go out of their way to help out. Travellers find it easy to immerse themselves in the local culture and experiential travel gets a whole new meaning in Taiwan!
  • Cost of living: A highly industrialised, developed and modern nation, the rate of exchange works in the Indian travellers favour. 1 Taiwanese Dollar equals 2 INR which means items like food, drink; experiences such as dining in restaurants, entry into attractions and theme parks; and hotel rooms are affordable for the India travellers who can enjoy a complete holiday experience in Taiwan.
  • Safety: Taiwan is a very safe country even for a solo traveller. So you don’t have to restrict yourself to a what is recommended in guide books only and can do off-beat activities or something else which is unexplored or sounds interesting to you.


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