The ideal destination for your next all-women’s holiday!

The best country for a woman to visit has to where someone like Queen Rania of Jordan is its Queen! The definition of elegance, outspokenness, and beauty, she’s an international icon of female empowerment, a strong advocate of education and a passionate philanthropist and peacemaker

Jordan blessed by nature and is rich in culture and heritage, offers complete safety and security, with a rich travelling experience that is full of adventure, great food, luxurious accommodation and historical sites. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail Travel, Queen Rania commented, “Tourists prefer an unconventional experience and we have so much to offer,” said the royal.

The Queen has been working tirelessly to raise further awareness of its many assets including one of its most popular bucket list destinations, and UNESCO sites, Petra, as well as pointing out the continued calm in capital Amman.

Talking about Jordan as a welcoming place for holidaymakers, Queen Rania said: “Here in Jordan, we see tourists as more than visitors we see them as our guests. People will invite you to share a cup of tea or a meal. You will always get a warm welcome.”

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