Tips to support eco-tourism as a traveller

Ecotourism is a very important aspect of tourism to understand. With global warming and rising pollution levels, it’s high time for us to care for our mountains, beaches, hills and the air we breathe in. Ecotourism is on the rise and many of the travellers like to contribute to it through some way or the other. So, if you are planning to go for a vacation, be a responsible traveller this time. Here are a few tips on how you can save the environment while travelling…

No vehicle roads / destinations: Explore a new city or destination where you won’t need a vehicle to navigate. You can explore the destinations on foot like the Mall Road in Shimla, Matheran (near Mumbai) or nature walks in Binsar. It should be noted that walking is the best option to infuse the local flavour.

Say no to plastic bags: If you are travelling to any hill station in India, make sure that you carry your own bag while shopping. You will not get any plastic bag even for the food items in the local market.

Go for eco-friendly dwellings: Instead of choosing chic hotels and air-conditioned rooms, choose a homestay when you travel to a destination. You must be note that many of these homestays are built with eco-friendly materials and exercise prominent initiatives such as water recycling, eating on leaves and much more.

Just eat local and buy local: Living in a plantation is your chance to experience the earth beneath your feet in a different way. To experience the same, you can join the farmers in harvesting the local produce during your holidays. Buy local, organic food and help monetarily to the land that’s hosting you.

Leave it the way you found it: This simply means that wherever you go, try to conserve, re-use and recycle items. Don’t leave behind any plastic and ruin what’s perfect. Dispose your waste responsibly and don’t litter the place you were living in.

Plant a tree wherever you go: When you take back memories and incredible experiences from a place, leave behind a little something for the land in return. Plant a tree wherever you like, sow a seed on the street to say a small ‘thank you’ to the place for being a wonderful host. So what are you waiting for? Go green during this vacation!

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