The Week That Was…

Recap: We bring to you top 10 developments that happened last week:

  1. On Monday, 31st March, India bans issuing tourist visa to foreign Tablighi Jamaat activists, many of them are alleged to be spreader of coronavirus in India.
  2. On Monday, India’s Ministry of Tourism launched a website to help foreign tourists stranded in different parts of the country following the lockdown and the suspension of their visa.
  3. Last week India crossed 3000 number of total coronavirus cases. According to the government, Tablighi Jamaat, a religious gathering held recently in Nizamuddin in Delhi, is the main reason of the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in India.
  4. On April 1, Airport Council International, (ACI) sought deferment of aviation specific taxes till December. ACI also sought packages for airports.
  5. Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri said on 2nd April that international flights would be allowed to operate after April 15, when the national lockdown ends. Such permission will depend on the origins of the flights.
  6. On 2nd April, Air India announced suspension of contract of 200 pilots due to coronavirus lockdown.
  7. Hit hard by the lockdown, air cargo agents approached IATA for extension of remittance date.
  8. The World Bank announced that it would give India $1 billion emergency financial aid to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The Bank announced $1.9 billion for 25 developing countries including India, which will receive maximum share of total amounts.
  9. On Friday, Finance Ministry released Rs 17,287.08 crore for 14 states to enhance their financial resources under SDRMF and to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus crisis.
  10. On PM’s call, India switched off lights at 9 PM for 9 minutes on April 5, instead lighted up lamps, candles, touches, showing country’s unity in fight against coronavirus. On April 3, PM Narendra Modi, in a video message, had asked citizens to switch off their lights at 9 PM on April 5 for 9 minutes. Instead of lights, Modi had requested to light candles and lamps to show the country’s collective spirit in fight against coronavirus.



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