Trang: The Unexplored Unforgettable Island Getaway

Located to the south of Krabi, Trang can be easily accessed by air, boat and land.  Though not as popular as its neighbor, the island is blessed with tremendous beauty.  The pristine virgin soft white-sand beaches dotted with palm trees and leading into crystal clear blue waters are enough to keep even the most jaded traveller captivated. However, those who are not satisfied simply with natural beauty should know Trang’s appeal is not limited to the island’s appearance. The island offers an ocean of experiences for those looking for excitement. Sailing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, trekking, golfing, cycling, cooking classes, language classes, world class spas- there is enough to keep the restless occupied for weeks.

Things Not to Miss in Trang
The Emerald Cave – This was definitely the highlight of my four Island Tour – a, not to be missed, snorkeling tour to Trang’s neighboring islands. The Emerald Cave is a marvelous hidden lagoon in the island of Ko Mook. The only way to reach this gorgeous location is to swim about 80m through an underwater tunnel (a part of which is pitch-black) and on the other side lies the secret lagoon with its glowing deep emerald green waters. It is truly an amazing experience to emerge from a dark tunnel into an incomparable green tropical paradise and tourists should not miss out on relaxing on the lagoons peaceful white sandy beaches.
Khao Kop Cave – This was the most unique experience of my life. I have visited many caves before but this was the most interesting one. Initially when you walk into the cave it looks like a regular cave. Though I have to give credit to Thailand tourism since it is cleaner than most caves and is very well lit so one can really admire and study the cave. However, the most thrilling part of the 800 meters long cave is the 350 meters you have to navigate lying down. Basically, as you progress the passageway starts to become narrower and lower and you have to lie down on a boat to make your way through over the water in the cave. The captain and his assistant have to slowly maneuver you through this very narrow section and you dare not even move an inch. During the boat ride parts of the ceiling were actually touching my nose! I felt I brushed against at least a few bats and there were points I just did not think it was humanly possible to travel through the passage. The cave actually resembles a dragon’s torso and it is believed that while lying down you are traveling through the backbone of a dragon, which is considered good luck. It was utterly exciting and I would encourage every adventure lover to visit the cave.
The Food – The Island is fully geared to pamper gastronomes. You can enjoy a variety of delectable dishes created from the finest ingredients when dining at Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa’s elegant restaurants and stunning views compliment each meal here. In fact you can floor your spouse by arranging a delicious romantic candlelight dinner on the resort’s beach. Alternatively, you can eat at one of the small restaurants along Trang’s coastline. Not only do these joints serve the most mouth watering seafood but are back dropped by a sublime sunset at dinnertime. It is a must to experience a traditional Trang breakfast. The meal features an endless variety of dim sums that are packed with flavor. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the appetizing Trang cake.
The Spa – While in Trang I stayed at the lovely Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa. Needless to say the in-house spa was top-notch. The ambience was peaceful and elegant and the massages were relaxing and rejuvenating. I left each treatment feeling stress-free and glowing. The experience really put into perspective the relevance of wellness.

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