Travelport global survey puts India top of digital traveler rankings

Travelport, the leading Travel Commerce Platform, today published the results of a Global Traveler Survey of 11,000 travelers in nineteen countries that highlights the use of digital tools when planning, booking and experiencing a journey. It shows that Indian travelers are the most digitally-advanced of the 19 countries analyzed, outpacing many of the world’s leading travel markets.

Based on a sample of 1,000 people in India who took at least one round-trip flight last year, the highlights are:
 When planning a trip:
o 91% of Indian travelers use peer-to-peer reviews when researching a trip
o 87% use videos and photos posted by their friends as part of their research
o 85% use price comparison sites to help them find a good price or package
o 67% use voice search, utilising devices such as Siri or Amazon Echo, when researching a trip – 20% more than the global average

 When booking a trip:
o 51% of Indian travelers make their bookings via their smartphones
o 74% feel that a good digital experience is important when choosing an airline
o 82% prefer digital boarding passes and e-tickets
o 66% see the digital experience as a key influencer of hotel choice
o 69% avoid hotels that charge for wifi
o 60% would like mobile apps that allow them to check-in without having to visit reception

 When at the destination:
o 83% feel staying virtually connected to friends and family is important
o Indian travelers use an average of 19 different categories of apps, three more than the global average
o 92% post hotel and restaurant reviews online

The Digital Traveler Rankings
The report also includes the world’s first Digital Traveler Rankings, with India crowned champions. The table is based on a combination of the main indicators of digital usage for travel-related purposes by travelers in each country.

The league table shows the following rankings:

The 2017 Digital Traveller (Rank wise Country)
1 India
2 China
3 Indonesia
4 Brazil
5 Saudi Arabia
6 Mexico
7 South Africa
8 United Arab Emirates
9 Colombia
10 Italy
11 United States

12 Spain
13 France
14 Russia
15 Canada
16 Australia
17 United Kingdom
18 Japan
19 Germany

At the launch of the Survey in New Delhi today, Rabih Saab, President and Managing Director EMEA of Travelport, commented, “These findings demonstrate the significance of digital tools for Indian travelers before and during their journeys, though the result is frankly unsurprising for those of us who have been following the digital market here for some time. The findings highlight the need for the $7.6 trillion global travel and hospitality industry to adapt continually to provide responsive, relevant and timely services for customers. Whether young or old, and in whichever continent, providing relevant and timely digital tools and content is no longer an accessory but an essential means of reaching and satisfying the modern traveler in India from the moment they search to the moment they return from their trip. Travelport’s platform stands ready to provide the industry here with the means to do this. As a technology company and a world leader in digital and mobile capabilities, we aim to make the experience of selling, buying and managing travel continually better.”

Alongside the Global Report, Travelport is publishing separate detailed country reports as well as four regional reports based on the same data.

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