Travelport Smartpoint 8.1- A smarter way to the top

Travelport is all tech-ed up and is as convenient as ever. Travelport Smartpoint, the pioneer in travel commerce has offered content from 400+ Airlines, 650,000 unique hotel properties and 36,000 car rental locations.

Till now it had increased productivity and improved the customer experience of its users. Its Handy GUI has helped deliver best kind of customization options. This new version follows closely the launch of 8.0 version and add-on to make the interface better. It combines point-and-click and graphical screens with the ability to use cryptic commands allowing customers to choose how he/she want to work. The new Flex Windows theme provide up to eight active windows plus a PNR Viewer to support a customer’s need to do more in less time. It puts the world’s travel content at fingertips that allow a user to create the perfect personalized service for its customers. And with enhancements to TripQuote, one can send its customer travel options that has never been so faster. Travelport Smartpoint release 8.1 is PCI DSS compliant.

The upgraded version is your ultimate solution for numerous customization possibilities that help its user achieve 10/10 service to its customers with new brilliant features.
Adding to Travelport Smartpoint 8.0 features, 8.1 embodies:

  1. Flex Windows-Travelport Smartpoint Flexible Windows allow its users to customize how they view Travelport Smartpoint. Whether they are experienced and new to the industry, they can now create the number of windows that works best for them, expand or collapse the windows and also change the colours of the windows according to their preference. Also added in the new features is a side panel.


  1. Trip Quote enhancements- Unlike the 7.3 version which introduced the OB Fees management, with the new version users can choose the content and include it in the quote.The content can be added to a basket – build up the different options as they search for them by adding to a basket before they are ready to finalise the quote with no limitations on how many options they include. Improving the quality of the information within a quote help customers decide on which quote to book. This provides the ability to include a service fee and mark up to ensure the price quoted can include all applicable fees and charges up front.


  1. Improved post-book seat map performance and display- Travelport Smartpoint offer improved the post-booking seat map performance. Seat maps in the Post-Book work flow will now display as each seat map becomes available. This provides quicker response times and improve user’s effectiveness.


  1. Assisting you with PCI DSS compliance- As it continue to support its users towards compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), as for Travelport Smartpoint 7.5.2, version 8.1 will also be an auto-upgrade and contains all the necessary components which comply with PCI DSS obligations. It will automatically validate customer’s Operating system Windows 7+Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher; upgrade you to .NET 4.6.2 Microsoft Framework (or higher); Perform an automated check to confirm if Galileo SSL is installed, and if so will upgrade user to Galileo SSL 3.0.0; and Run the ‘Am I Ready’ Checker.


  1. Add the Configuration Plug in to Global Travelport Smartpoint set as Active- At the time of sign-on, Travelport Smartpoint will go to Travelport Marketplace to retrieve the Hide Galileo Desktop setting, if it exists, and hide or display Galileo Desktop (GD) as appropriate. With this enhancement, agency owners can easily ensure their entire office uses Travelport Smartpoint.


  1. Filter upper cabin in shop results – We have added anew feature to the Flight Shopping Search named “Cabin:” dropdown in Travelport Smartpoint. This gives the option to search for both business and first class fares.
  2. Hotel Sell Options – credit card guarantee: The drop-down fields are now clearly identified when the Hotel Sell Options are pre-populated to reflect either “Credit Card – Hotel Guarantee” – if the PNR contains a hotel credit card, “Credit Card – FOP” – if the credit card added to the FOP in the booking field, or Credit Card – if the PNR contains neither a Hotel CC nor a booking file field in FOP. Also, 8.1 offer integration of the Hotel Retail shopping and booking tool into Travelport Smartpoint, wherever available.
  3. The shopping request cryptic command for Rail- We have revolutionized rail booking and this is just another step in the revolution. Agents booking rail segments have been provided a quick way to perform searches by departure time, journey time or price. The update provides new modifiers for departure time, journey time or price.


In addition to the above, the new version has improved ordering of the brand attributes associated with a fare & the ability to display only the associated or unassociated remarks in the PNR viewer.

There’s much more to Travelport Smartpoint than meets the eye. With its extensive features, user can experience its true capabilities like customizable workspaces, color-coded interactive screens, to a choice of cryptic or graphical user-interface, hover-over displays, improved PNR history and queue management and many more. Travelport is growing and believe that there will always be a whole world of opportunities to explore and grow further.

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