Wellness Tips: 7 natural techniques to come out of your dark emotions

Wellness Tips: 7 natural techniques to come out of your dark emotions

Words by Mita Vinay
Depression and anxiety are one of the natural emotions in human beings. Well, these emotions are not as bad as we perceive them to be. In my experience, I feel they are necessary emotions to experience for us humans. Having said this, I don’t mean we stay with the said emotions for long. Staying with these emotions can weaken the mind. Once the mind starts weakening coming back becomes tough. Let’s look at some natural techniques to come out of these dark emotions.
Change the place, change the energies: As I mentioned, depression and anxiety are emotions, they will amplify if one stays in the same space bouncing the same energies. However, one can see a great change in overcoming these emotions just by moving out of that space and energy. Try moving out from your usual environment for a few days and see the difference.
Adopt a new habit: This technique is extremely beneficial to come out of these emotions. Try adopting habits that can interest you, such as walking, learning a musical instrument, singing (why not), reading, painting, solving puzzles. There’s a lot of options to choose from. Now, the science behind how adopting a new habit can help in combating anxiety and depression. When we adopt a habit and invest our time in learning it, our frontal brain gets activated during the time we invest in learning. This gives enough time for the hindbrain to relax and rejuvenate. This helps in strengthening the mind and strengthens overall function in our headspace.
Yoga and Excercise: we are aware that yoga aligns with mind body and breath. Try and include heart opening Asanas. An intense yogasana practice followed by breathing exercise must show great results. Similarly, any form of exercise should be practiced.
Breathing and awareness: This is my mantra always to beat any imbalances in the body. Usually, anxiety and depression also disturb the breathing patterns and rhythms. Just being aware of the changes in this subtle yet one of the most important functions of our body can help us navigate back to a sound mental health.
Connect with nature: walk on a green patch of grass, walk on sand, crush dry leaves with your feet. Touch a tree, hug a tree. Gaze at a morning sky or passing clouds or stars and moon. watch the sunrise or sunset. Just connect your mind body and breath with nature. You will see nothing is stagnated, everything is moving and embracing new changes all the time. This is inspiring to make the changes within.
Chanting: Everything around and within us is a vibration. Chanting creates vibrations that help in altering the imbalances in our body. Chant and absorb the vibration and see the magic it brings within your body. The chanting activity should be continued for a good amount of time to see the subtle but almost permanent results it brings. Patience is the key here.
Salt Bath: Salt has many properties including removing the negative energies. In India and many countries. Salt is extensively used to wade off the imbalance energies. We, in India, have been following this technique of holding some salt in the fist and rotate it on our loved one’s head to ease out the Nazar. Similarly, a salt bath can help a person feel very light and relaxed. Take a spoon of rock salt or Himalayan pink salt, add it into the bucket of warm water and rinse your body with it. See the difference it makes in overall mood lift.
(Ms. Mita Vinay is Founder of Bodhsara.)

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