What a Year 2020 Has Been Till Now

By Manpreet Kaur

People throughout the world are trying to figure out if they should be happy or sad to see time pass by slowly in 2020 as they sit it out at homes doing almost nothing. What was welcomed with usual cheering, partying and all-round happiness, has suddenly turned into a curse.

And it’s not only the pandemic, which is hurting, 2020 also saw many other catastrophes. Yes, the Year 2020 has already been a period of massive devastation and heartbreaks. The world saw the Australian bushfires, Floods, eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, locust attacks, besides the usual murders, and arsons. The US is currently dealing with a Perfect storm of civil unrest following George Floyd’s death.

It’s really a dark time we are all enduring. In India too, people are dealing with various crazy events which were never even imagined before. The events like the Shaheen Bagh protests in Delhi, the riots in Delhi, bushfires in Uttrakhand and other forests, locust attacks, frequent earthquakes, cyclones, and now the floods with the arrival of monsoons are creating anxieties in our minds which is already disturbed because of COVID-19.

We have all lost enough. We are so heavily surrounded by much hatred and darkness. When will it end? is the question everyone is asking.

We just need to continue to try and stay as positive as we can and focus our energy on what is good, and let’s:

Continue being there for each other.

Continue being friends.

Continue being supportive and make an effort to understand everyone’s opinions and feelings.

My poem below very aptly describes the current situation:

2020: the unforgettable year

The expectations and hopes were different while ushering 2020, nevertheless, it left us dismal.

The idea of the celebration was kind of changed; people chose Shaheen Bagh in spite of the clubbing chains.

Carousing nights changed into awful fights since we battled for our own rights

The blood-shedding was so hard that made us all apart.

The seed of poison was planted in a way that even the Aadhar card acted fraudulently for our stay.

Loathing became evident and shattered mankind; they only made us fight and never wanted to reunite.

People were considering the situation as a curse but no one knew it’s going to get even worse.

Now the unbidden guest arrived that made all of us quarantine,

Social distancing became the new fashion that took us on the drive of recession.

The unprecedented crisis increased the unemployment and fatality rate,

The migrant worker walked for kilometres to reach their places,

Unfortunately, there was no vaccine, no grain and people were oozing in pain

And there were lockdowns again and again.

The remaining role was played by the climate that left us intimidated.

Earthquake, cyclone, and locust were some of the traits; the gas leak was another unfortunate,

All this trembled our mental and physical state.

Though we were responsible for all the negative change; we only pushed our Earth in this drain.

Amidst the distress, God has given us a chance to reconcile and recreate!!

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