A Country for All Seasons – Israel

Located in the Middle Easton the Mediterranean Sea to the west and Red Sea to the south, Israel’s weather is generally subtropical, with hot summers and cool winters, so when visiting you will almost always be welcomed with great weather.  Rainfall in the country varies by region and falls sporadically close to the winter, with the north regions getting the bulk making the weather in Israel comfortable to allow for a multitude of activities throughout the year.
Summertime is from May to mid-October which is a popular season for water activities along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. The Mediterranean coast boasts perfect weather and conditions for swimming, surfing, jet skiing, skydiving or lying on the beach working on that sun-kissed glow. If cooler weather is more your style, enjoy the elevation of the mountains around Jerusalem, visit the local farms, breweries and wineries while you make your way to experience the wonders of the City of Jerusalem itself.
If a sense of adventure is your preference, make your way north and explore the Upper Galilee region where Mount Meron, Mount Zefat and the Golan Heights offer higher elevations and slightly cooler temperatures with lower humidity and a multitude of wineries.  Stop at the Sea of Galilee, a freshwater lake, where you can enjoy a boat ride in a two-thousand-year old replica, go for a quick swim to cool off and relax by the shores over a bottle of wine or local beer from the region.  Visit the city of Tiberias that has been attracting locals and visitors to both an ancient city as well as the modern conveniences of cafés, restaurants, hotels, spas or the kibbutz accommodations (country lodging) at EinGev or Ginosar.  For slightly cooler waters, travel south to the resort city of Eilat, affectionate known as the Red Sea Town, located on the Red Sea. A true resort town with many hotels and activities, Eilat has unique diving sites where you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling and explore the amazingly colourful coral reef and swim with the dolphins.
Spring emerges for a narrow window between mid-February to April where there is a chance of rain here and there, but it is during this time that Israel celebrates in nature’s vibrant colours through the greenery and the splendour of many species of flowers. The weather is perfect for hiking everywhere in the country from the mountains in the north to the south tip on the sea with good weather and inviting nature making it just right for all outdoor activities.
Autumn in Israel is rather short between the long summers and mild winters. While autumn here is not so significant weather wise, the temperatures are very pleasant making travelling and touring the country rather convenient. Winter is short and usually lasts from December to mid-February where the temperatures are cool however; there are chances of snow in the northern parts of Israel, especially in the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. The view of these parts is simply spectacular with the mountaintops covered in the light white snow. Snow might fall once or twice in Jerusalem and when this happens no city in the world is more beautiful. Though, if winter is not your plan, or you want both seasons on the same trip, venture down south to the Negev region and sunny Eilat where the desert warmth and blue skies are always enchanting.

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