Indians can get 20 nights in Bangkok for the price of two in New York City this spring

Indians can get 20 nights in Bangkok for the price of two in New York City this spring

TripAdvisor’s TripMaximiser Report shows Indian travellers where their rupee stretches furthest

The average Indian traveller’s holiday budget could get them 20 nights in Bangkok for two people versus two nights in New York City this spring according to a report from TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, which offers travellers millions of reviews combined with the ability to compare hotel prices before confidently booking, has today unveiled its inaugural TripMaximiser Report, designed to help travellers choose the holiday that suits them most based on their preferences and budget.

The TripMaximiser Report outlines the number of nights affordable for two people at ten of the most popular destinations for Indians this spring (1 March – 31 May 2017), taking into account the average Indian travellers’ holiday expenditure of INR 75,000 on accommodation and flights. “TripAdvisor understands the travel habits of price sensitive Indian travellers and aims to empower them with insights which will help them make informed choices regarding their holidays. The TripMaximiser Report not just reveals how many nights the Indian traveller can get for the same budget at popular destinations across the world but also where they can get the best value for their rupee” commented Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.

The destinations offering the best value for the average Indian travellers’ budget are Bangkok, Bali and Langkawi, where INR 75,000 per person gets two people 20, 19 and 13 nights respectively inclusive of flights and accommodation. The average cost of a flight to Bangkok comes in at INR 19,140 per person, while the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor is INR 5,527.

In comparison, with the average flight per person costing INR 58,152 and the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor at INR 21,492; New York City is the destination offering the shortest duration for the same spends– just two nights. London follows close behind at four nights and Rome as well as Amsterdam at five nights.

At the midway point are Singapore, Dubai and Prague with the first two offering nine and last one offering seven nights respectively, proving that it’s possible to travel long haul(Prague) for the same price and more or less the same duration. While the average per person flight price to Prague is two and a half times more than Dubai at INR 44,481 versus INR 17,139; the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor for Dubai compared to Prague closes the gap at INR 12,776 and INR 8,615 respectively.

Number of nights possible for INR 75,000 per person at 10 of the most popular spring travel destinations

(Ranked according to length of stay possible for two people from most to least number of nights. All prices in INR)



Destination Average flight cost per person Average flight cost for two Average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor

Duration of trip possible for two people (# of nights)


Bangkok 19,140 38,279 5,527 20


Bali 30,143 60,286 4,675



Langkawi 23,474 46,949 7,707



Singapore 22,141 44,281 11,422



Dubai 17,139 34,278 12,776



Prague 44,481 88,962 8,615



Amsterdam 38,479 76,958 14,182



Rome 39,546 79,092 14,342



London 43,147 86,295 14,611



New York City 58,152 1,16,305 21,492


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