Macao’s brings first 3D museum ‘Pier 16 Macau 3D World’

~ ‘Pier 16 Macau 3D World’ Technology, Creativity, Enjoyment – All three for you at the SAME PLACE!!~

Aptly titled as ‘The City of Duality’, Macao has the perfect mix of leisure and fun, which is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity across the globe! The vibrant city has a unique historical and archaeological Macanese culture that exists in complete harmony with the youthful and diversified experiences the destination has to offer. You can take a long walk on the streets of Senado Square and indulge yourself in delicious cuisines and of course, the adventure adrenaline in this small peninsula in mainland China! Macao also has a beautiful 3D museum, Pier 16 Macau 3D World, which is the world’s first museum with 4D paintings and every visitor is the director of their own photos in this 3D universe!

While taking about the all the things the 3D museum has in store, Arzan Khambatta, Head, India representative office, Macao Government Tourism Office. commented, “Pier 16 Macau 3D World is truly a unique experience not only is it one of the world’s first museum with 4D paintings but it also offers visitors a chance to create their own 3D photographic world. It is a great way for audiences to get a chance to creatively try out cutting edge technology in Macao which is fun for all.”

This beautiful and tech-savvy museum brings visitors a brand new sensory experience through 4D elements such as lighting effects, analog sound and props. The museum is approximately 18,000 square feet with a Michael Jackson installation in 3D, a 3D Jurassic Park, Macao Journey, 3D interactive experience zone, to name of few. It has over 100 photography points in seven theme zones, offering visitors a chance to pose for interesting photos with the various exhibits. Visitors can also be a part of the art piece and also change the formation of the painting by their participation. The museum in itself is a whole wide wonder land for tourists or even locals to explore and enjoy. Unlike traditional art museums, visitors here can be part of the art piece and change the formation of the painting by their participation.

Located at Ponte 16 Resort, Pier 16 Macau 3D is a platform for creativity waiting to provide you with an incredible experience!

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