Tourists add a touch of music to their vacations

Music is a string that connects everyone, regardless of age, cultures; it cuts across geographies and languages. The universal nature of music is what makes it such an important denominator for people to experience it. But if music is the soul of a person, travel is what binds them together.

The amalgamation of the two passion points of today’s free spirit seekers is the perfect potion for feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. This trend is fast picking up with music lovers embarking on a vacation clubbing their love for travel making it an enriching experience. This has paved a way for Music Tourism, over the past few years. India is being recognized as home to some of the best music festivals in the world. What makes it even more spectacular are the locales they are set in.

Consumers are beginning to recognize the opportunity in exploring the destination and surrounds with music at the core. It is away of getting tourists to engage with locals in order to bring out new and unusual experiences. Music as a mesmerizing experience and as purpose for inspiring travel is becoming extremely popular. Promoting a booming music scene feeds into better tourism experiences for the locale; it ties in the culture, arts, cuisine, traditions that act as a catalyst in boosting tourism.The positive attitude towards live music and the prospects it has for the travel industry enhances the experience for all involved. From the hills of Shillong to the desert land of Rajasthan to the beaches of Goa- the music and landscape will take your breath away. India boasts of some of the most sought-after music festivals in the world fusing the natural landscape with the best music.

Music festivals too have evolved over the years, roping in people from different age groups, different regions and different cultures. RCI India, recommends some of the top destinations celebrating the spirit of music.

Kohima- Hornbill International festival (1st- 10th December, 2017)

Also known as Kewhira in the local nagas tradition, Kohima is one of the most offbeat destinations which boasts of some of the most beautiful, serene natural resources on display. It is popular for colorful bazaars and handicrafts from the tribal regions of Nagaland. A must visit though is the terrace shaped structure that houses some 20 types of paddy at different alleviations and offers a beautiful view of the city.

Adding to its sheen is one of the most sort after music festivals in India, The Hornbill festival. It is a colossal cultural fare where 70% of the Nagas participate to celebrate their culture. Initially started as a means to revive and protect the Naga culture in India. The fest sees a mix of local influences of folk songs androck bands, electronic artists too.

Pune- NH7 Weekender (December 08-10th, 2017) | VH1 SuperSonic (9th- 11th February, 2018)

Pune is perfect example of a modern city fused with some of the most spectacular valleys and hills. The city offers great experiences in terms of European cafes, Iranian bakeries and local Maharashtrian traditions. The cosmopolitan nature of the city appeals to various types of travelers. For motor enthusiasts a road trip to Lonavala is also an experience to cherish with amazing roads through the mountain passes.

Pune is home to some of the most spectacular music festivals in the country. The NH7 Weekender, isone such high impact festival. The Pune edition of NH 7 weekender offers a perfect kaleidoscope of Indian and foreign artists in unison performing at their best. On the other hand, VH1 Supersonic is an EDM music festival known for hosting artists across various genres. The idea is to create a fusion of music, dance with a hint of techno and trance.

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan- Magnetic Fields festival (15th- 17th December, 2017)

Alsisar Mahal takes you through an enchanted journey like no other. Through the old and rustic sceneries to the sand filled dunes to the monuments dating back from the 18th Century, the Alsisar Mahal has it all. Based in such a magical land, Magnetic Fields is the festival known for its contemporary music and art.

Magnetic Fields it is a playground for the young at heart, within a luxurious and indulgent backdrop. Glimpses of the rich local culture delicately weaved in between the contemporary programming. Two stages that showcased the country’s best and most forward thinking music alongside some of the world’s finest underground stars – attracting an audience of adventurous, young and open minded urbanites.

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