World’s most amazing landscapes not to be missed in this lifetime!

World’s most amazing landscapes not to be missed in this lifetime!

Travel is all about exploring this beautiful planet and witnesses its bold, sublime, vibrant and desolate beauty. One might or might not get an opportunity to reach all, so here we bring you some most amazing landscapes across the globe, about which you will make a point to visit in this life time…

Writes-Priyaankaa Mathur

  1. Antelope Canyon, USA



Located near Page on Navajo Nation land, just outside Glen  Canyon National Recreation Area, Antelope Canyon is named after the Antelopes that ran wild in these exotic naturally sculpted canons once upon a time. These canyons represent nature’s gorgeous passageways that are testaments of power of water and time that created these wonder natural structures on two levels namely upper and the lower slot canyons. The most amazing part of the canyons is that as the sunlight filters down the curved sandstone walls, it creates magical shadows and patterns that change constantly reflecting subtle shades of colour. One can go hiking in the Antelope Canyons to explore its deeper, longer and narrower slots with scarce light at some places and great depth, length, width along with ambient light at other. The canyons are indeed miraculous structures created as if created by a master sculptor that makes its onlookers absolutely awestruck.


2.Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan



Walking through the wisteria tunnel in Japan in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens seems to be like a fairytale experience. The pastel coloured 50 varieties of Wisteria flowers and their exotic fragrances overwhelms your senses as you walk through the tunnel.  A Wisteria flower grows down from the tip of its long veins swaying down beautifully that perhaps must have captivated the imagination of the creators of the tunnels , that are of two kinds  wisteria domes and wisteria trellises. The wisterias bloom magnificently in the month of April to Mid May and that’s the best time to visit this natural marvel that is a 5 hours run from Tokyo that  can be reached by Nozomi high speed train.

3.Tianzi Mountains, China


Remember the floating islands in the film Avatar! They were inspired by none other than the Tianzi Mountains located in northern part of  Wulingyuan Area in Hunan Province in China.This mountain range is known as the ‘Monarch of the peak forest’ and is spread across an area of 67 kilometers. The range boasts of high peaked mountains with its highest peak being 1,262 metres above the sea level. Indeed an extraordinary sight for travel buffs, who can get the best views by the cable car service. Tianzi Mountain is named after a revolutionary leader of the Tu ethnic group in the last years of Southern Song Dynasty (1127 -1279). Xiang Dakun declared himself as Tianzi meaning the Son of Heaven. The Tianzi Mountain unfolds many sites that tell about these legends that can be explored at the Yu Bi Peaks, the Xian Nu San Hua, and the Shen Bing Ju Hui.

4. Santorini-Greece

White architecture of Oia village on Santorini island, Greece

This European island located in the Aegean Sea with its blue water against pure white buildings is quite intriguing and probably happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. This Cycladic Island is painted white because of bioclimatic reasons, with an idea to reflect the harsh summer light and make it more heat resistant. The city follows traditional primitive Greek architectural techniques wherein the walls are built with stone, that endures both heat and cold very well, while the roofs are insulated by a combination of mud, hay, wood and volcanic ash cement. Santorini happens to be one of the most popular islands in the world, which happens to be a complete destination that showcases most exotic, ancient cities, gorgeous scenery, tantalizing food and some of the best wines of the world.

 5.Lavender fields in France


Region of Sault in Luberon, France boasts of over 50,000 lavender plants spread across an area of 5 acres that displays a stunning picture as created by a master painter. As per a legend a fairy named Lavandula who had blue eyes and blonde hair was born in the middle of the wild lavender plants of the Lure mountain in the Southern French Alps who cried once shedding her lavender colored tears, that had spread on the landscapes of Provence creating these vast purple fields. These lavender fields have become a visual delight for many photographers and travel enthusiasts. Lavender is being used as an herb for over 2,500 years by Egyptians, Arabians and Phoenicians who used it for making perfumes and for mummification, while Romans used lavender oils for cooking and bathing.

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